Concert Review – WSTR 9/12/19

WSTR’s UK headline tour came to an end in Nottingham and left us with more exciting things to come from them in 2020.

The Uma

This band should break out a bit more having been on WSTR’s tour and having some good crowds turn out for them. Their music seemed steady and had a slightly more indie vibe. The singer had a good stage presence, marching up and down the stage with a bit of a Palaye Royale style. Honestly, they were quite hard to get into for me personally as they weren’t that rocky, but that doesn’t mean other people won’t like them. Considering that they are new and haven’t been out that long, they were okay.

Led by Lanterns

Once again, Led by Lanterns impressed at another venue. With them closing out their UK run, their fans made the most of the opportunity to crowd surf and get in the pit for the support band, much livelier than the Swindon one. However, the fans at the barrier weren’t ready for crowd surfers at this point in the night and neither was security, so fans knew to not make that mistake twice. It was great to see Chris (guitar) and Rob (bass) spin round and round giving themselves headaches whilst vocalist Shaun egged on the crowd to move faster and harder.


Waiting for WSTR to emerge, the crowd were blissfully unaware of the horrific news they would receive. Boots and Alex dragged their feet onto the stage to announce that Sammy was recovering from his injured vocals on their final day of tour. The crowd had to accept, but it made for an interesting show with several guest vocalists filling in his spot. The remaining members of WSTR did exceptionally well to cover the disappointment of the frontman not being there. It still seemed as though the crowd and security didn’t want crowd surfers, so everyone got hurt going over the barrier, which really ruined the show for some people. Encountering a crowd killer at a pop-punk show was also quite a surprise to some people.

The guest vocalists seemed to really seize their moment as they knew they wouldn’t get the opportunity to sing for WSTR again, such as Rob Hawkins of Conflare / Led By Lanterns. But no more so than Christina out of the crowd! Big up to that girl who got on stage and asked what the opening lyrics were to ‘South Drive’, she managed to smash it out the park though! It was even great to see their merch man get on stage to do their famous cover of ‘Break Stuff’. The only thing that was better about this show than the Swindon one, was the fact there was confetti. We’re all fools for confetti!

With the venue having a barrier, breaking peoples backs, and having no Sammy, it’s understandable that this show wasn’t the best of theirs…

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