Band Of The Week – A Cereal Killer

A Cereal Killer are from Straubing, Germany. Four guys from Lower Bavaria who enjoy and have fun with music, summers and pools, cold beer, parties, friends and stage entertainment.

It all started at the end of 2015: It was cold and snowy in the tranquil Straubing in Lower Bavaria. None of us 4 thought at that time only that we would ever find ourselves in this constellation.

At that time, the cute guitarist PILLE and our former bass player “Kevin” searched for the best drummer in Germany and found him in Manu. At that moment, we felt at home in our rehearsal room at Bandhaus, Straubing. After Manu was firmly integrated into the band and we spent some weeks “aiming” aimlessly together, we decided to look for a singer. At that time we were still called “How Should I Know?”.

Manu then suggested our wonderful FLOW, with which he had previously played in the basement in another punk group at Manu’s home, him on the bass and Manu on the drums.

FLOW, the old heartbreaker, was able to convince PILLE, “Kevin” and Manu right away at the microphone with his amazing vocals. After the year 2016 passed quickly and half Bavaria was crossed, PILLE, FLOW and Manu decided that it would be best to separate from “Kevin”.

From now on to third, so we moved out of the beloved band house and settled in at Manu’s home in the basement, where heonce brought the walls to shake with FLOW and some other boys.

So FLOW took over the bass as before, PILLE and Manu kept the old scheme.
Manu told his top buddy WINTI that we rehearse every Thursday at 5pm and invited him for some beer and listening. He came by without a hitch and, in addition to a box of Carmelites, had his Ibanez Iceman with him. Since that day we could not get rid of him:


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