Review – Ready Steady Steroids (Dear Outsiders)

Ready Steady Steroids is a pop-punk/rock duo from Toronto, Canada. Vocalist David Emond and guitarist Alex Vigneault recently released a new album entitled ‘Dear Outsider’ and is their sophomore LP after debuting ‘Homebound’ in September of 2018.The new album features tracks such as, ‘Freeze Frame‘, ‘Self Destruct’, ’A Devil In Disguise’, and ‘Radio’.

The band has joined a myriad of punk artists (such as Bowling For Soup, The Wonder Years, Taking Back Sunday, A Day To Remember, Mark Hoppus in Simple Creatures, Neck Deep, and more) on some of Spotify’s top pop punk playlists including, Pop-Punk’s Not Dead, Covered in Punk, and New Punk Tracks.

Personally I really enjoyed this album. It was really upbeat and uplifting than some of the stuff I’ve been listening to as of recently. Listening to something that is more on a more positive note is a nice change of pace from some of the dark emotional things I’ve been listening to.

Choosing a favorite song is difficult I would have to say ’Radio’ is my favorite. While it’s probably the mildest song on the album in terms of punk, it makes me think of sunshine and a couple running through a field of flowers while laughing. I know this probably wasn’t the intention band was going for, but it made me smile which if I’m being honest isn’t something music has made me do in a while. There’s also some sense of familiarity that I can’t put my finger on. It’s like I’ve heard this song before but I can’t for the life of me remember where or what it reminds me of.

The band has a very strong State Champs-esque style of music that isn’t exactly the same but, is really similar in comparison. The guitar riffs, sound and overall vibe gives off a hard pop-punk, hard rock tone but not to the point where it’s on the border between hard rock and metalcore. While there are some similarities between ‘Dear Outsider’ and ‘Living Proof’ I’m mostly reminded of The Finer Things’ and some of ‘Around The World And Back’.

I highly recommend giving Ready Steady Steroids a listen if you’re a fan of Calling All Captains, Assuming We Survive, Mascots, Chin Up, Kid, Summer Wars, The Bottom Line, Sincerely, Me and City Kids Feel The Beat. I would also recommend this band to anyone who likes State Champs.

In addition to ‘Dear Outsider’ Ready Steady Steroids has also released singles for the songs ‘Undercover’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Waste of Time’, ‘Test Us Tyrone’, ‘Fight or Flight’, ‘Member Berries’, ‘Karma‘, ’Curtain Call’, ‘Freeze Frame’, ‘Black and White’, and ‘Self Destruct’. They also have two EPs ‘Game Seven’ and They Forgotten Songs’ along with their debut full length album ‘Homebound’. All available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

To learn more we spoke with the band in an interview which you can read here.


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