Interview – The Endorphins

The Endorphins are based in Boston! Their members include;

  • Matt Bass
  • Jordan Scarborough
  • Mike Buono
  • Austin Wilson

1. Your latest album came out on October 4th. Can you tell us where you got the name ‘Dementia Paralytica’?

It was something we came across in a psychology book that we thought it sounded cool. It was right after we recorded the album and it just happened to work out that it tied in with a lot of the themes in the lyrics.

2. Do you feel you and your music have matured from ‘Static Aesthetic’?

Yes, ‘Static’ was sort of a predecessor release for the band. It was recorded by Matt in his bedroom when it was still a solo project. Comparing it to the album now, the singles we released last Spring definitely help bridge the two. It’s been much more of a collaborative process this time around, having everyone’s input has totally changed the vibe of everything, it all sounds more alive, more real.

3. How long did you work on DP?

The recording process only took about 5 days start to finish. By the time we went into the studio we had most of the songs down really tight. It was only finalizing lyrics and tweaking small things once we got there.

4. Are you happy with how the album is performing thus far?

For something we released on our own DIY label No Noise Records, we’re happy, but we want the opportunity for it to reach a wider audience. We’d love to see it have a proper release on another label so more people could hear it. But so far we’ve been pleased with it.

5. What was the difference in the song-writing process between DP and Static Aesthetic?

All the songs on ‘Static’ were before we were a full band, Matt wrote all those songs himself, when on ‘Dementia’ it was much more of a collaborative process. Everyone brought their own tastes and styles to everything and it brought the songs so much further.

6. What was the inspiration in lyrics for DP?

A lot of different things. Most of the time when we write lyrics it’s after the music is written. The music usually sets a certain mood or emotion that makes it easier to figure out what to write about. Inspiration can be found in really strange places, good and bad. It’s channelling that the right way alongside the music.

7. Was there any artist or album in particular that inspired this album?

It was a mix of so many things old and new, but nothing in particular. We all have pretty diverse tastes in music so it’s a melting pot of stuff we’ve been inspired by.

8. Can you tell us an interesting fact about the record?

About a year before we recorded the album we had originally planned on taking a DIY approach to recording it. Recording in our basement, doing it all ourselves. After we recorded about 10 songs we had a mysterious mishap with our laptop we had been using to record and lost everything had done. After that, was when we considered actually going to a studio and working with a producer. Luckily, after we made the album we were able to recover some of the stuff we did ourselves and those were the songs released as singles last spring.

9. Leave a message for fans!

Keep a lookout for tour dates in the next few months and we’re really excited about the album and what we’ll do next, thanks!!

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