Single Review – Refuge (Neverlanded)

Refuge – Neverlanded

London based Neverlanded demonstrate some huge riffs and catchy hooks in their 2019 track ‘Refuge’.

Listening to Refuge I instantly got that early 90s grunge vibe from the opening riff which grabs you from the very start, it’s clear these guys are here to make an impression from the get go. Throughout the track there’s sprinkles of Nirvana and Alice in Chains but with a definite modern edge to it. This thing is filled with groovy riffs, solid drumming, real attitude plus a chorus that you will be singing for days to come, as I have been.

The jumps between the distortion and the clean are effortless and sound great as well as the groovy build up in the 3rd act of the track, which is really enjoyable. The snarly vocals also make the track sound great giving it that edge that makes Refuge raw and full of personality.

Refuge is one of those tracks that is simply just a straight to the point bouncing, party track that you know is gonna have the crowd singing and dancing along, no problem at all.

For those of you out there longing for the days of grunge and gritty rock music make sure you go and give Neverlanded a listen!

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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