Fan Interview – Drew

Fan Friday returns with Drew!

1. What band introduced you to this scene?


2. Who are your 3 favourite bands?

All time favourite is Asking Alexandria I have to mention that but top 3 right now;

  1. Dayseeker
  2. Periphery
  3. Norma Jean

3. What is your favourite song by each band?

  1. Vultures
  2. Reptile
  3. 1,000,000 Watts

4. How did you discover your favourite band?

I used to listen to a lot of MCR and early Panic and other kinda emo stuff and my sisters friend told me to listen to AA and I was immediately hooked!

5. Favourite album ever?

Stand Up and Scream, album never gets old, Danny Worsnop screams never get old.

6. What is it that makes you love this scene?

Scene people and metal heads are just nice people, I go to a lot of concerts alone cause my friends don’t listen to scene music and I always end up finding a couple cool people in line or in the smoking area to hang out with.

7. If it isn’t too personal, what song means the most to you and why?

Helena by my Chemical Romance, it was the song that got me going into the emo music movement and that progressed my taste into metalcore so I wouldn’t be where I am musically without it.

8. What was your last/next concerts?

It was either Atreyu or Silverstein at Ace of Spades, Sacramento they were the same week can’t remember what the order was. Next concert is TBD but really looking forward to Dayseeker headline tour 2020.

9. Most recommended band?

I would recommend ExitWounds the most, they are a super new band that I feel like a lot more people need to know about, going to be a big deal in a few years.

10. Favourite thing about our page?

I love any page that supports scene/metalcore music not enough fans out there of such great genres and also that y’all do stuff with the fans like this interview.

Twitter @drewjmcpherson3

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