Single Review – Sleeveless (Velvateen)

Sleeveless – Velvateen

If you’re looking for a gritty, fuelled, punk / hardcore listen that’s going to remind you how alive genuine punk bands really are, then look straight to Velvateen’s monster track, ‘Sleeveless’. The LA punk duo dropped Sleeveless in mid May of 2019 and are making some big waves in their scene already with only a handful of releases.

Sleeveless gives vibes of ‘Fugazi’, ‘Sunny Day Real Estate’ and even ‘Black Flag’ but never do you feel as though it’s ripped off. These guys prove they can take inspiration and make it their own and offer some new ideas into the mix. The grittiness and the rawness of this track is a big win and, Velvateen let their music do the talking and never try to over complicate anything and with that make the track all that more powerful.

The musicianship on this track was also a stand out, the moody vocals blended with the grunge themed, groove filled guitar and bass were a brilliant combination all supported by some dirty but solid drumming that drives the track from the get go.

Sleeveless proves these guys are ready for the next step and with some polishing up and the right opportunity the LA punk lads could go real far.

If your into punk, grunge, hardcore or even just any kind of music to get you moving, I highly recommend Velvateens ‘Sleeveless’ as a great listen and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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