Album Review – Dementia Paralytica (The Endorphins)

Dementia Paralytica – The Endorphins 

Dementia Paralytica’ opens with the pretence that it’s just another grungy full-length with drawn out vocals and an abundance of fuzz pedals. The Endorphins redemption however lies in their punk-y DIY feel that sets this four-piece apart. Overall, this debut album is stylistically spot-on, with distorted vocals matching its melancholic lyricism, and a punchy run time of just over 30 minutes. Fans of Scott Pilgrim’s Sex Bob-omb may find solace in this album, packed with tracks such as ‘Nobody Cares’ and ‘Your Mind is Broken’, The Endorphins have captured the sweet-spot between introspective and effortless ‘cool’. 

‘Existential Threat; is a stand-out song, with all the attitude of an album-opener and a riff that lingers throughout. The aloof, relaxed tone and vocals in lighter songs like ‘Misanthrope’ enable the likes of ‘Invasion Simulation’ to not sound overbearing.

There is certainly a maturity when compared to their 2016 release ‘Static Aesthetic’ written and recorded by vocalist/guitarist Matt. Dementia Paralytica is a clear turning point for this band, showcasing their newfound collaborative melting pot of styles and influences. This full-length is more than worthy of a listen, ‘psychedelic grunge’ fan or not.

Dementia Paralytica’ by The Endorphins was released on October 4th. (No Noise Records)

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Words by Selina Payandee (@nekdep)


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