Interview – With Notion

With Notion are from Plymouth, UK! Their members consist of;

  • Rob Knott – Lead Vocals / Bass
  • Greg Evans – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
  • Aiden Bond – Lead Guitar
  • Lewis Curtis – Drums

Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Thrice
  2. Neck Deep
  3. Like Pacific

Your EP, ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ came out in November, are you happy with how it has performed so far?

We are pretty proud of where it’s at, considering no one really knew who we were, the feedback we’ve gotten has been really positive.

What was it like recording the music video for ‘Real’?

Like all of our music videos, it was great fun. Our chemistry as a band means that when we are together there’s always a laugh, even in the serious moments.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about the EP?

The name comes from the line “where do I go from here” from our song ‘Real’, as it reflects how we felt as a band before releasing our Debut EP. We had no idea what people would think and no idea what we should do next.

What inspired your songs lyrically?

We all are at a point in our lives where we have so many options. It can be very hard to know what the right path is, but what we do know is that all we want to do is write, record, release and play music.

What was your first gig experience like?

Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t ideal. Aiden got blinded by the stage lights in his face….. luckily he’s cool enough to pull off sunglasses (indoors) the whole time.

What’s your favourite track of yours?

Real, because it seems to be everyone’s favourite!

Most surreal moment of your musical careers so far?

Being played on the radio, or being called the new MCR.

Who is the most annoying member?

We are all rather annoying to be honest. Rob and Greg constantly spam the group chat bickering like an old married couple. Aiden never shuts up about his cat or spoons. But one individual certainly stands out above the rest. Lewis. You can’t take that kid anywhere. Never fails to make a scene.

Who has the worst tattoo?

Aiden’s first tattoo was so impulsive, so probably him.

Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Probably spend it all at spoons!

Thanks for chatting with us, leave a message for fans!

Been great chatting with you! A message to the fans; Midnight February 15th.

Facebook / Twitter / Spotify.

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