Interview – Bronnie

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Bronnie are a 3 piece from Liverpool, UK! Bronnie consists of;

  • Bronnie Hughes – Vocals
  • Peter Gebbie – Guitar
  • Chris Mitchell – Drums

You guys have recently finished tour with The Bottom Line. What was the experience like touring with them? What was your favourite city to play in?

We absolutely love The Bottom Line! We’ve been friends for a couple of years so finally getting to play shows with them was great! We learnt so much by just being around them. They’ve got great energy. That’s the cool thing about touring. We loved playing in Bridgewater too. We’d never even heard of that town haha, but the crowd really got involved and there was a lot of moshing and crowdsurfing that night!

What’s your funniest tour memory?

There’s too many! Most we can’t talk about… but we were on tour with our friends from the USA pop-punk band A Summer High, and their bassist Mason got way too drunk in Poland and kind of strip teased our drummer Chris in the lobby and we nearly got kicked out!

You will also be supporting Woes (Liverpool) on the 31st who have announced their break up. Are you excited to support the lads on one of their final shows?

We are gutted that Woes are breaking up. We played with them last July at their Liverpool show and we are stoked to be able to play one of their last ever shows with them. We will make it a memorable send off, all the support acts are stoked for the show!

Are you happy with how ‘Everything I Wanted’ has performed so far?

Yeah I’m really happy about it! Some fans have been saying they prefer it to the original which is a crazy and amazing compliment as Billie’s version is really cool and interesting.

What can fans expect to hear next?

We’re having fun experimenting! The next stuff is gonna be darker with some synths but still with our core sound!

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Being honest I’d say being female-fronted. Personally, I’d love to say being female is not relevant but I’d be lying. It’s just harder to get on in the early stages of the music industry as a woman unless you’re selling sexualised images of yourself. But I just work hard seven days a week and push against barriers every day, and I feel we’re making progress.

What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers so far?

Neck Deep! They’re our favourite band and getting to support them at their headline show in Wrexham was insane! The whole day was amazing and the band and crew are so welcoming! I’d love to play more shows with them!

Who has the worst dress sense?

HA HA HA gonna say Chris cause we bully him.

Pizza! What toppings do you all have?


Who’s the most annoying member?

Again… Chris cause we bully him.

Who has the worst tattoo?

Pete has a lot of stick n pokes haha but we are trying to get him to get some proper ones.

Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

BUY ALL THE CHIPOTLE! We would do what we do now and put on some free shows and travel around UK and europe meeting our fans and then putting on shows and releasing more music! Obviously buy a band mansion and a Tesler for Chris.

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