Review – No One Left (Hightail)

HIGHTAIL – No One Left

Bristol based lads Hightail drop their first single No One Left since their debut EP A Bulletin for Broken Hearts which was released in August of 2019 and with this new track they give us that nostalgic pop punk vibe to take you back to when pop punk and other genres alike reigned supreme.

No One Left demonstrates all the typical pop punk / emo traits you would expect in this kind of genre. Feeling lonely, leaving your home town and just being an angsty teenager and really, what’s wrong with that? It gives you exactly what you came for a straight up punk track that is catchy, melody driven and lyrics that would slide in perfectly with any kind of throw back pop punk mixtape blaster.

This track has some fantastic guitar induced melody’s that really hold the song together along with drums and bass that are seriously tight in terms of the rhythm section and always hold a bouncy feel good vibe to them.

A highlight in this track for me has to be the vocals. Angsty and familiar delivery just places this track within the genre perfectly and really compliments the instrumentals. It also can’t be over looked that Hightail introduce some real post punk / hardcore elements in this track as well which might seem out of place as it’s a surprising jump but they pull it off well and manage to make it slide nicely in to this thing without compromising the rest of the tracks really stand out elements.

No One Left is a track for those of you who are looking for a real throw back the good old days, feeling angsty, misheard, trodden and a feeling to escape all play into this thing though the lads use the typical punky traits. Hightails delivery is exciting, meaningful and just a really bouncing track that is sure to get you moving and singing along in no time.

For fans of: Neck Deep, Sum 41, Seaway

Words by Dylan Booker.

📸 @alkeschwarz

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