Interview – Ghost Arcadia

Ghost Arcadia are from London! Their 4-piece consists of;

  • Reuben Davies – Vocals
  • Anthony Hollis – Guitar
  • Adam Ford – Lead Guitar
  • Ali McCreadie – Drums

Where did the name Ghost Arcadia come from?

We were throwing a few ideas around and originally they were two different names that we sort of mashed together. I (Reu) am a fan of Greek mythology and like the old myths of Arcadia and how it was this idyllic wilderness ruled by Pan, untouched by the real world. I also like to describe our music as ‘hauntingly epic’ so I feel the name fits. Ghost (haunting) Arcadia (Greek epics)

‘Glory’ came out yesterday (31st January). What inspired the lyrics to this? 

I wanted to write a song about being in awe of someone; whether that be a friend, relative, or romantic interest. Someone who makes time fly for you. It’s a song to really express your love and admiration for those people. It’s how I intended it anyways.

What do you hope to achieve with the release of Glory?

This is the first single off our new EP so we hope when people listen to Glory they’ll want to hear more from us. Hopefully it’ll open some doors!

What can fans expect next?

There’s a music video for Glory dropping on Feb 5th that we shot with some very good friends of ours; David Gregory and James Morgan from Cineoteric Films, with a light show designed by another very good friend Pablo Fernandez Baz…we called in a lot of favours for this one! We also have an EP launch at Nambucca on Feb 20th to celebrate the release of our new EP. So if you like Glory make sure to grab some tickets!

Biggest challenge you have faced so far?

MONEY. People don’t realise how hard it is funding your passion when you don’t have the backing from a label or anything like that. We’ve had to do this all out of our own pockets which has been frustrating at times but hopefully it all pays off.

What do you hoped to have achieved a year from now?

Get signed to a label and play some gigs out of London.

How excited are you to be headlining London Nambucca on 20th February?

Incredibly excited. I played Nambucca in a different band a few years ago and loved it. It was one of the venues I really wanted to revisit. 

Who has the worst dress sense?

Now I’m not copping out here but I would say we are actually all pretty damn well dressed if I do say so myself!

Funniest show story?

The time Adam’s guitar rig broke at the start of the set so we had to continue with all the lead lines sounding like they’d be written with a jazz tone taken from GarageBand. I will tell you now that no amount of swagger can cover that up…but we gave it a good shot.

Pizza! What do y’all have?

I’m vegan but he’s a sucker for that new papa johns vegan pepperoni pizza or failing that you’ll find me at Purezza in Camden.

Adam likes Salami Pizza with a charcoal base from Zia Lucia.

Ali’s is an American Hot, from Pizza Express…a classic.

And Ant is a ham and pineapple man (controversial he knows).

Most annoying member?

Ali. Always Ali. Just cause he’s Ali.

Who has the worst tattoo?

Ant doesn’t have any (yet) so…Ant’s?

Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Give a load to charity and cure world hunger.

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