Interview – Sharp Violet

Sharp Violet are from Lindenhurst, New York! Their members consist of;

  • Liz – Vocals
  • Jessica – Guitar
  • Marie – Bass
  • Jasmine – Drums
  • Alli – Guitar

Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. The Distillers
  2. No Doubt
  3. Green Day

Where did the name Sharp Violet come from?

Our first drummer came up with the idea. Violet Sharp was a suspect in the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping case, we just inverted the name. Our name is Sharp Violet, not Violet Sharp we won’t steal your baby but we will steal your heart.

Domino Effect came out back in November! When will we hear new music?

We’re just finishing up recording our next single, She’s So Strange. It’ll be released in early this month on all streaming platforms.

What inspired Domino Effect lyrically?

Domino Effect was inspired by the #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein. When women spoke out against Weinstein, it was like a row of dominos tipping over. Soon, more and more women came forward speaking out against abusers.

What was it like recording the video for the single?

 It was a lot of fun filming! At first it took some getting used to having a camera constantly in your face. Our favorite part was using a drone to film the ending. We filmed it right in our basement studio and just a few blocks over from where we practice. We shot it relatively quickly, all within a week. There were many late nights and one super early Sunday morning, but it was one of the best experiences we had as a band.

Are you happy with how Domino Effect has performed so far?

We’re really happy with how it performed. The video has almost 10,000 views on Facebook and the song was voted “#1 Song of 2019” by Rich Quinlan of Jersey Beat. The song has been played in Australia, the UK, Italy and Brazil. The power of social media has really helped enable bands to share their music globally without ever leaving their homes. It’s one of our favorite songs to perform live and is always a crowd favorite.

What was Sharp Violet’s first gig experience like?

Our first show was at an upscale sandwich shop called Press 195 in Rockville Centre, NY. It was an interesting lineup featuring hip hop artists, poets and pop rock bands. It was definitely a memorable first show. The sandwiches were delicious!

Funniest show story?

We played a backyard show called “Transcentennal Piszazz Partay”, it was spectacular disaster! One of the bands we played with brought different props for their performance. The singer proceeded to urinate in a random sink in front of everyone and then smashed it with a hammer. Luckily, none of us got hit with shrapnel piss sink. As if that wasn’t enough for one show, the cops came and broke up the show during the second song of our set. The cops threatened to take our instruments if we continued playing, it was very fitting that the song we were playing (Boys and Candy) features the lyrics “You’ll never take me alive”. Definitely, the strangest and funniest show we ever played.

Pizza! What do y’all have?

We’re lucky that we live in New York and are never more than 1 metre away from great pizza.

We have a lot of pizza parties! We are PRO pineapple on pizza. Hard to pick a favorite but we all agree nothing beats a classic cheese pizza.

Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Quit our day jobs, donate some to Save The Music and tour the world!

Facebook / Twitter / Spotify.

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