Review – Where Do We Go From Here? (With Notion)

With Notion is a pop punk/pop rock band from Torbay, United Kingdom. Formed in 2018, members Rob Knott, Greg Evans, Aiden Bond, and Lewis Curtis used the likes of bands such as Neck Deep, The 1975, The Hunna, and Thrice as their main influences of style.

The band spent the first year writing and recording their debut EP Where Do We Go From Here? with The Rand Production House, Daly George, and Neil Kennedy. The album was then released on November, 19 2019. While the EP is only four tracks long, each track is upbeat, full of sound and has an amazing vibe. The rhythm, beats and overall sound gives off a prominent rock tone.

While the band used Neck Deep, Thrice and The 1975 as their main influences I suspect they also used Sleeping With Sirens as a point of reference as well. The intro to the song ‘Give It A Try’, has a similar guitar pattern as SWS song ‘Never Enough’. While its not exactly the same, there are certain pieces that remind me of the chorus of the song; which actually popped into my head while giving the EP a listen for the first time. What really stuck out to me was that the guitar riffs are similar as they both go back and forth between similar notes.

The band’s overall sound also reminds me of another band I love called Offended By Everything. This notion didn’t hit me until the third or fourth time I listened to the album and noticed the song ‘No Luck’ reminded me of OBE’s song ‘Easterlin’. Both songs have an acoustic intro, then quickly pick up into upbeat and intense guitar riffs.

From the riffs of the guitars to the beats of the drums, With Notion is a heavy rock band and I love it. They’re not heavy in the aspect that it’s borderline metalcore. I’m not surprised in the least that I enjoyed what I listened to.

I highly recommend this band for anyone who is a fan of Thrice, Neck Deep, The 1975, or ROAM, Offended By Everything, and other hard rock bands. Even if you’re not an avid hard rock listener and enjoy the pop punk and punk rock scene, I guarentee you’ll find something about this band to enjoy.

While they’re new to the scene with only one EP, I believe With Notion will become a new favorite. Where Do We Go From Here? is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Listen on Spotify.

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