EP review – ‘Hold Your Applause’ (Waiver Wire)

Waiver Wire – ‘Hold Your Applause’

There’s something bold about releasing an EP that is rooted in pretty classic pop-punk nowadays. Waiver-Wire show how they didn’t have to sacrifice style or substance with their infectious debut ‘Hold Your Applause’. Worcester, MA based four-piece Waiver Wire only stepped onto the scene two years ago, yet this EP is anything but amateur. This polished production is thanks to Alan Day of Four Year Strong, and the band’s honed sound.

Debut single ‘Life in a Jar’ punches in and showcases the band’s raw feel. Packed with relatable, pessimistic lyrics that aren’t just about hating your hometown. ‘The Corner and the Cap’ has all the energy of a crowd-pleaser, reeling you into singing along before the song is up. Mid-tempo tracks ‘Mass Transit’ and ‘Money’s Worth’ keep the four-song EP upbeat with some of its catchiest choruses.

Waiver Wire have curated a pretty faultless four-track EP, perfecting nostalgia without feeling dated. Whether you’re a grass-roots or new-school pop-punk fan, ‘Hold Your Applause’ will not disappoint.

Hold Your Applause’ was released on February 7th.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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