Interview – Cascades

Cascades are from Fargo, North Dakota! Their members consist of;

  • Matthew Hughes – Vocals
  • Mike Seward – Guitar/Vocals
  • Jonah Rall – Guitar
  • Morgan Somerville – Drums
  • Michael Ruebke – Bass/Vocals


Let’s dive right in! What does 2020 hold for Cascades?

We have been in big writing mode. Have been putting in mad work writing new material that deviates from our sound in F.Y.B while still keeping that cascades emotion/vibe!

F.Y.B was released on June 23rd 2019, what inspired these tracks lyrically?

Matt – I wanted to write about things I was currently struggling with and being honest. I’m not a big fan of how some artists hide behind metaphors to describe certain feelings in music like to each their own but I wanted to write about the topics of mental health and death with honesty and integrity. It two topics that I’ve dealt with for quite some time.

Are you happy with how F.Y.B has performed so far?

We are happy with how it has performed but we are pushing ourselves harder with our next release.

Can you tell us what F.Y.B stands for and the reasoning for it?

F.Y.B stand for Fuck yeah bud. It was a saying that was quite often said by our former/late bassist Carter. We’ve adapted it as a motto to keep us going.

If it isn’t too personal to ask, what was it like dealing with the passing of former bassist, Carter?

Dealing with the loss of Carter as a close friend/bandmate was painful. It definitely left a dent within our band and community. When people pass, you go through the motions and try to gain some sort of closure and move on like “society” expects. But dealing with a friend’s suicide hits different. You’re left with unanswered questions, guilt, sadness, pain and anger. This changed us and almost became the end for the band. But instead of imploding we decided to continue with a new message and goal within the confines of Cascades. Bringing awareness to mental health and suicide within our community and ourselves. We refused to let Carter’s legacy die and adapted his motto “Fuck yeah Bud” as a way of life.

You recently played with both Hawthorne Heights AND The Red Jump Suit Apparatus, what was both of these experiences like for you as a band?

Playing with both acts was truly humbling and scary. Our show with Hawthorne Heights was inspiring and insane. They made us feel like home and JT Woodruff is an absolute sweetheart he took the time to talk to us and even took an EP of ours on the road with him. So imagine not only playing with the emo legends but having them support you back is humbling.

Matt – Red Jumpsuit was insane. Sharing the stage with those dudes was eye opening and surreal. The most insane/supporting crowd we’ve ever played.

Do Cascades have any plans for any upcoming tours?

We have some things in discussion right now, but nothing concrete. We’re more focused on new jams.

What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

Matt – Books and promotes shows for his agency Hotdish Entertainment.
Mike – Works at the hottest brewery in MN Junkyard brewery.
Michael – Works an adult job and spends to much time listening/defending Ska.
Morgan – Just graduated college and likes to play video games and eat Taco bell.
Jonah – Sells furniture and enjoys watching Football/Basketball and hanging with his Cats.

Who has the worst dress sense?

Jonah – Mike has the worst fashion sense because he ditched the ultra popular boot.

Matt – Also our drummer Morgan wears and abundance of American eagle shirts that bring up uncomfortable memories of middle school.

Funniest show story?

We played this 4/20 house show and long story short we got very drunk and decided to play ‘Death Eaters’ twice but the second we played it double time for no reason or when at a different show Matt was drunk and tried to tell the crowd thank you but mixed up his words and unintentionally told the crowd to ‘F’ off. They loved it.

What pizza do you all have?

It’s a toss up some of us like plain old pepperoni.
Some like pepperoni and jalapenos.
And one of us love vegetarian za.

Who’s the most annoying member?

All of us are pretty annoying but probably Michael because of his love of ska and horrid gas.

Who has the worst tattoo?

Probably Matt because his is spelt wrong . It was supposed to say “Mischievous” but instead its spelt “Mischevous”.

Leave a message for the fans!

We love and appreciate you and Always reach out to your friends. You matter and this world is always a better place with you in it.

Facebook / Twitter / Spotify.

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