Interview – Chief State

Chief State are based out of Vancouver, Canada! Their members consist of;

  • Fraser Simpson
  • Nik Pang
  • Chris Kavanagh
  • Justin Pham
  • Joe Soderholm

*All questions answered by Fraser Simpson.

1. Reprise was released yesterday (12th Feb). How does the rest of the album compare to this single?

We loved these songs a lot. Not to say our last one wasn’t as loved, but we came up with 7 songs that continuously showcases our developing sound. ‘Reprise’ was one of those songs that we fell in love with when we finished it. We love faster paced songs, but definitely anticipate downtempo tracks and our attempt at something sort of new.

2. What inspired ‘Reprise’ lyrically?

Reprise was written about a situation where I felt like I couldn’t help a friend out. The metaphor of running ’round in circles and being trapped in a loop is not only how I felt about this person, but subsequently the situation I found myself in recently. Ironically it’s done full circle on me!

3. ‘Tough Love’ will be released on March 27th, will there be a North American tour to support this? Maybe even a UK tour?

We’re definitely working on it and we hope to hit the road by the Summer!

4. How will ‘Tough Love’ compare to your previous releases?

I think we collectively had more fun listening to the songs and playing them. With Nik and I coming up with most of the backbones to the songs, we came up with lots of ideas that the rest of us could try and connect with. Last EP, we felt like we rushed through the songs we had because the record came together in a shorter amount of time. With ‘Tough Love’, we had more time to build the songs, and we had a lot more fun listening through this record.

5. What was it like recording the video for ‘Reprise’?

Super fun! We recorded it with our friend, Mike Millan from Edmonton, AB. We came in with the idea to just do a performance video, while Mike ran circles around us.

6. Can you tell us an interesting fact about the new record?

We came up with 7 songs for this record, but that also came with about 70-80 demos and ideas that we had to go through!

7. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I think bands in our genre of music come across many similar challenges. Whether it be trying to sound unique, or trying to impress new listeners, but we always try to fight for a new spotlight to stand under. We love making music and hope to continue doing it for a long time, the difficulty is always exposure of course!

8. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers?

To date, our greatest accomplishment would probably be sharing the stage with The Wonder Years back in September. This took place at a venue that the five of us had seen some of our favourite bands play. The most surreal was probably hopping in a van, 5 best friends, and driving to other cities for the first time together.

9. What’s the weirdest thing a fan has asked for?

We’ve signed CDs, shirts, and shoes, but we haven’t really been asked much in terms of weirdness! We’re still fairly new, so fans, ask away!

10. Who has the worst dress sense?

We all dress well, but definitely Joe. Joe dresses like where he lives, out in the sticks. You’ll always see him in a hoodie, black jeans, and some dirt on his face.

11. Funniest show story?

Everyone, excluding Justin, had a few beverages before playing in a show in Omaha. I think we all realised mid-set how drunk we were, we just started laughing at each other.

12. Thanks for talking to us! Leave a message for the fans reading this…

We appreciate everyone who takes the time to check us out, please always feel free to reach out because we love hearing from and talking with you! Look out for our upcoming EP, ‘Tough Love’ we worked really hard and would love to hear what you think!

Photo by Jake Gravbrot Photography.

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