Interview – The Red Room

The Red Room are from New Jersey! Their members consist of;

  • Dylan McLarnon – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
  • Dustin Sebes – Bass guitar
  • Jack Santoro – Lead Guitar / Vocals
  • Brian Wolinski – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

Hmm.. David Bowie, Helmet, and anything with that Desert sound. There are too many influences to choose from though! The list goes on and on.

2. You recently released a music video for ‘Joke In Utopia’. What was it like recording this?

Our friends Chris Gabriel and Kristin Middleton have access to the Atlantic Highlands art council. Our drummer Brian set up an entire PA system, we got a cool backdrop with trippy visuals from HENSHIN Illusions, and the very talented Kris Khunachuk filmed us. We think the video came out cool! Our friend Julia cut Chris Gabriel’s hair as we improved a metal song about said occurrence. There’s crazy footage of that which we’ll upload at a later date!!

3. What made you record for ‘JIU’ over any other track on the album?

This track is the catchiest and ‘poppiest’ off of the album. We thought it would be a good idea to start with this one to get people listening.

4. We know that you are currently writing some tracks now. What is inspiring these lyrically?

Oof. When I (Dylan McLarnon) write lyrics I usually just go off of free expression. I don’t know how or why I do this, it just comes out. I’ll start with a central idea and go with it. I came up with a title for a new song called “Firmament”.
The lyrics go:
‘Licking the walls of a coliseum will bring you closer to the truth
We’ve been through it
We’ve thrown all the shit
Into the beautiful firmament’.

I know my interpretation of what I wrote, but I like writing vague lyrics so that the listener can create their own meaning.

5. How will the new songs compare to your album ‘Mind Razor’?

The new tunes will be longer, more melodic, more trippy, and there may be a few lighter numbers in there as well. There are around 10-12 song ideas right now. We’re planning on spending a lot of time recording and producing this one. Our first album was recorded in a day and a half! Shoutout to EJ Gaub who recorded mixed and mastered it!

6. You have a fair few shows coming up. Where are you most excited to play?

Every show is a different experience. We’re excited for each individual moment. Playing in front of an audience is always the best time. Club Rock in Boonton is one of our favourite spots, and we’ll be there March 7th. Also we have a stacked bill at MILLHILL basement in Trenton on 4/24 which is pretty exciting.

7. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Thee Oh Sees, Frankie and the witch fingers, Psychadelic Porn Crumpets. Pipe dream but: Mike Patton. Haha!

8. What’s been the most surreal moment so far?

Performing our record release show at The Brighton Bar in long branch. Looking out to see a bar full of people who we love/love us, it was such a stellar experience. This moment was so special. We then did a weekend tour with Spookey Ruben, obscure artist from the 90’s and beyond – check him out, you won’t be sorry.

9. What was The Red Room’s first gig experience like?

We played a show at the Meatlocker as a different lineup. Brian wasn’t our drummer yet, and Dustin’s friend Chris played the drums for this show. Jack also wasn’t in the band as lead guitar, but he came up onstage and did Suffragette City by David Bowie with us. Our first “real” gig with this lineup was at Asbury Park Yacht club. Fun times.

10. Who has the worst dress sense?

Brian owns a sensor that detects bad style. He determined that everyone outside of The Red Room has sub-par fashion.

11. Funniest show story?

Probably our show at gold sounds in Brooklyn on a Monday night where we literally played our hearts out to the sound guy and photographer Caleigh (CCCPhotographs).

12. Who’s the most annoying?

Annoyance is a state of mind and to us, it only makes us blind.

13. Who has the worst tattoo?

I think the only tattoo person so far is Jack. So he definitely has the worst tattoo.

14. Thanks for talking to us, leave a message for the fans reading this!

Hey, thank you! If you’re into rock and roll, you can check us out live on a number of dates in the tri state area. We’re planning on staying and creating experiences for a long time. Cheers!

Photo by Laura Santangelo-McLarnon.

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