Review -We Are Dying (Second Home)

We Are Dying – Second Home

Manchester pop punkers, Second Home drop their latest single ‘We Are Dying’, a strong track full of punchy riffs and big energy with a clear and distinct message.

We Are Dying is clearly a track with a strong message, it’s a track that is deliberate and unapologetic, it takes specific aim at government and higher authorities and while this kind of message isn’t uncommon in the genre with bands such as Green Day, Sum 41 and even new comers Neck Deep taking on this more politically charged message it’s always satisfying to hear music with any kind of message that not only brings the track to life but can even enlighten others who may be unaware of what’s happening around them.

Musically We Are Dying is straight forward and plays out like most typical pop punk tracks from the early 2000s but does have a slightly heavier twist to it like the double bass used in the drumming and the heavily distorted guitars but this only sets them apart from their competition which is a great thing.

The rougher and lower quality production on this thing really adds to its character and enhances its message in an interesting way, while not completely D.I.Y it definitely doesn’t have that over produced quality which really plays into the bands favour.

Whilst We Are Dying doesn’t particularly bring anything new to the game it definitely has that angst and drive that many bands in the genre lack and a real message behind the track that makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable and proves that Second Home are capable of not only writing eye opening and thought provoking music but also not afraid to say what they believe in their music.

FFO: Sum 41, The Offspring, New Found Glory

Words by Dylan Booker.

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