Interview – Basement League

We spoke to Basement League! Basement League are based in London! Their members consist of;

  • Cameron Percival – Vocals
  • Izaak Rushton – Guitar / Vocals
  • James Warner – Bass
  • Nathan Coote – Drums

1. Your debut single comes out soon (5th March). How excited are you to have some official music released and kickstart Basement League?

We’re absolutely buzzing! We recorded Juniper at the Ranch in Southampton in June 2019 and we’d been demoing it for about 6 months previous, so collectively we’ve been sat on this song for over a year waiting for the right moment to release it. It’s been a tough journey but we’re ready and so excited to get the Basement League name out there.

2. What was it like recording the video for Juniper?

It was a mixed bag. On the one hand, we did it with our pals at Forgotten Media in a really cool venue called The Horn in St Albans, however we shot it in summer and it was like 36.C that day. Luckily we had fans in the room but we couldn’t go outside to get some air because it was sweltering!

3. What was your writing process for Juniper?

It was actually quite an interesting one because our bassist, drummer and then lead guitarist had written an EP together with the band ‘Priests to Pilots’ whereas Izaak and Cameron were recent additions to the band. Initially it was James who sent us a demo of the instruments to which Cameron wrote an initial melody and lyrics. The lyrics were largely unchanged but the song warped and shifted and was demoed lord knows how many times. Izaak wrote the intro section as well as the middle 8 and Nathan, actually came up with the chorus lyrics. That’s the thing we enjoyed about it, the songs credit doesn’t go to one person, it was a highly collaborative project to put together.

4. What inspired the lyrics to your debut song?

We wanted to touch on themes that had never been done in our genre before… a break up. I joke but incidentally it was a common ground we found lyrically, we all had similar experiences of being made to feel like we were the problem when in reality, we weren’t and that’s what we want to shine through. We didn’t want to make the song precise, its open to the listeners interpretation and I think, in a way, everyone has been in that spot at some point.

5. How will the rest of your tracks differ to Juniper?

The themes are differing from song to song and with that naturally a shift in sound is being seen. We’ve got some demos in the pipeline that we’re very excited about and are quite far away from Juniper, but the core components that we pride ourselves on are largely still there.

6. For people who haven’t listened to BL yet. What can they expect?

Big riffs, big vocals and relatable themes. Obviously this can shift as we’re still learning and growing as a band but the big arrangements especially is something we pride ourselves on as well as being very open with our storytelling/songwriting. We want people to see themselves in our songs and become part of the ‘Basement League.’

7. You’re going to be headlining a London release show on March 7th. How excited are you or this? What do you think it will bring to Basement League?

We are absolutely buzzing. We haven’t headlined a show in a good long while, especially in London which is where we’re based. Our live shows are always high energy and people watching seem to bring that with them – it’s something we a proud of ourselves for. We’re hoping that this gets the Basement League ball rolling and sets us up for a strong and busy 2020.

8. What do you all do when you’re not musically involved?

We work a whole host of jobs to be honest. Izaak actually runs a gig venue and rehearsal space in East London called the Engine Rooms, Nathan works in finance, James works for a printing company and Cameron is actually an actor… or a tour guide to by the bills.

9. Who has the worst dress sense?

This is a toughie. Cameron has a seemingly sexual affinity to Corduroy but the most unforgivable display of fashion was James who, at a show, came dressed in Jeans, a white t shirt and a cream blazer. We were pretty taken aback.

10. Funniest show story?

So we had a show in East London and we’d not long parted ways with our old guitarist, and he was in attendance. Anyway, the show went really well and “One more song” started to be called. So we decide, unpractised, that the old guitarist will come up and play one of our old songs. We start playing and, just because he hadn’t played it in ages, the intro riff is all over the shop, Izaak and Cameron forgot the vocals, Microphones stopped working, Izaak broke several guitar strings. It was chaos. Wasn’t funny at the time but looking back it’s funny how much of a disastrous encore it was!

11. Pizza! What do you all have on it?

James and Cameron usally go for something like a Texan BBQ. Chicken, Bacon and BBQ Sauce. Izaak is vegetarian and on top of that, he hates anything with a semblance of flavour, so he’ll often go for a margarita. Nathan is the unpredictable one. He’s been known to flit between meaty pizzas, traditional pizzas, even fishy pizzas. He’s a maverick and he needs to be stopped.

12. Most annoying member?

This changes for time to time, sounds awful on the outside but theres a systematic nagging that we give to everyone every so often. We decide, ‘They’re annoying, let’s give them a hard time.’ All in good fun of course. But if we had to pick one, it’s probably Cameron. 5′ 9″ and as soon as he’s a couple beers down, the wrestling bravado begins…

13. Who has the worst tattoo?

We’ve got some pretty questionable tattoos so we actually had a vote on this one. The outcome was Nathan. He has a single tattoo. A black line that goes around his arm.

14. Thanks for chatting with us! Leave a message to the people reading…

No worries, thanks for having us! I guess to anyone reading this, thanks for taking an interest! If you like the sound of the band do check us out on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Twitter etc, search up Basement League and you’ll find us. Also, keep reading Punk, Rocks! It’s a class publication and well worth people’s time and attention!

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