Interview – Hightail

Today we spoke to Hightail. Hightail are based in Bristol, UK. Their members consist of:

  • Jordan Veale – Vocals
  • George Adams – Guitar
  • Jack Adams – Guitar
  • Lewis Bellamy – Bass
  • Chris Bretton – Drums

*All questions answered by Jordan Veale.

1. You supported Weatherstate recently, how was it sharing the stage with those guys?

We was really excited to share the stage with Weatherstate, It opened our eyes to different ways of marketing and reaching a bigger audience. I watch their promo videos they do and they always bring something new.

2. No One Left came out on January 31st, are you happy with how the single has performed so far?

No One Left, it’s done really well on social media (Facebook & Instagram). As for the likes of Spotify, Apple Music & other streaming sites, we were hoping for a bit more of a result there, as when we dropped our first single ‘Made A Mess’, it did very well within its first month or so streaming wise as it had a lot more attention than NOL does right now, but that’s just how it is.

3. What inspired ‘No One Left’?

Lyrically, No One Left is about watching certain parts of life go from better to worse, mental health, wanting to get away to a place where things are better for you and feeling alone. It came from a bit of a rough patch I was having in 2018.

4. What can fans expect next from Hightail?

What you can expect from future Hightail is a complete new vibe to our pop punk sound again. So “A Bulletin For Broken Hearts” was very sad, a bit angry & very self hateful for me. No One Left was more angry & so future Hightail that’s on the cards as of right now, very different vibe, it’ll still be pop punk but probably not as angry, we’re looking to have songs you can dance too or have a singalong too!

5. How will the rest of the album compare to your previous release of ‘A Bulletin For Broken Hearts’?

The new music we’re working on right now compared to the likes of ABFBH is generally a lot happier sounding, more vibey.

6. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

I like to skate, listen to and try write music a lot. I go out for food a lot, drink a lot of tea & chill with my friends. I’m also currently between jobs unfortunately.

7. What has been your most surreal moment of your musical career so far?

For me theres 3. Supporting Coast To Coast last October was a bit of a dream come true to me, I’ve loved those guys since they started so it meant a lot to play alongside them. Having No One Left played on Idobi Radio & lastly having As It Is tweet me back about our music being on idobi. I tagged them in it as it was a “can’t believe my music’s here next to yours after your band made me want to start a band in the first place” tweet.

8. Who has the worst dress sense?

Chris has the worst dress sense in Hightail. (self proclaimed).

9. Funniest show story?

Funniest show stories I can recall are either the time I smashed my lip with a microphone during the intro of No One Left or the time our bassist Lewis left his DI pedal at home and had to run home, grab it & get back to the venue about half an hour before we were due on stage to perform.

10. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

I think if I were a millionaire, I’d make myself stable (house / flat, car, bills paid, family treated) & a lot of self investment.

Facebook / Twitter / Spotify.

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