Interview – Engine Fire

We spoke to Engine Fire! Engine Fire are based Reno, Nevada. Their members consist of;

  • Christopher Holloway – Vocals / Guitar
  • Shaun Rucker – Guitar
  • Josh Marche – Bass
  • Pierre Marche – Drums

1. Who are your bands top 3 influences?

1. The Gaslight Anthem
2. Alkaline Trio
3. Social Distortion

2. How did you get your band name?

We all thought of something powerful and terrifying (and nobody wants to be in a plane or vehicle with the Engine on Fire).

3. What was your song writing process when writing your self titled EP?

I (Chris) had been working on those songs 6 years prior, and it came down to everything in life from relationships, depression, child abuse (basically personal demons), constantly running through my head.

I figured the best constructive outlet was to write, write, write, and not let it break/destroy me. It usually started with my acoustic guitar and a mild lyrical foundation, then I pieced it together from there. At that point, I had the basics and I brought it to the guys when we formed the band to add the “icing on the cake,” so to say.

4. Your self titled came out in early last year, do you have anything coming out soon?

Yes, hopefully in the summer of this year we will be putting out our second release.

5. What was your biggest challenge so far?

Our original singer quit just weeks before our recording due to personal reasons, so we had to teach our guitarist 6 songs in less than 2 weeks.

6. What was your first ever gig like?

Pretty hectic… The sound person was very inexperienced and started adjusting knobs on my amplifier (which I have never had happen in my years of music). Then proceeded to adjust the sound on the PA (not for the better) while we were playing our set, definitely stressful for our very first show.

7. What has been your craziest show?

Our craziest show so far was with ONOFF from Ireland. The venue we played Shea’s Tavern is always rowdy, and as punk rock as they come. As well, it’s always nice when the crowd know the words to the song, and get up to sing with you, it’s so inspiring.

8. What’s your favourite thing about preforming?

The energy, and knowing that people in the crowd, whether 1, or 2000, are feeling your music. It’s almost like you’re all becoming one huge screaming mass for 30 minutes to an hour.

9. What do you guys do when you’re not busy with music?

Pierre has a “grown ups” job, plays in several bands… Screeching Weasel, Sucka Punch, when not playing in our band.

Shaun sits down with his guitar and hits record. Always hoping that there will be some spark of a song when I go back and listen. Outside of music it would have to be his 66 dodge coronet, been building it from the ground up for almost 12 years now. And to answer your next question. No, the engine has never caught fire.

Josh never touches his cell phone.

Chris write more, paint, work, and spends time with family.

10. Who’s the worst dressed?

I’m going to go with Chris on this one… I’m a firm believer in comfort over fashion, basically I’m a few weeks away from wearing pull away sweatpants everywhere.

11. Pizza or Tacos?

General census…….. Pizza.

12. Who has the worst tattoo?

Shaun, because his artist hid male phallus’ in his tattoos.

13. Fast forward and your millionaires, what do you do with the money?

A swimming pool full of pizza and tacos of course.

14. Where do you see the band 5 years from now?

Playing, touring, and recording still hopefully.

15. What is your favourite song off the album?

Pictures, because of its dynamics, and what it represents.

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