Interview – Slackrr

We spoke to Slackrr, who are based down in Southampton! Their members are;

  • Scotty Perry – Guitar/Vocals
  • Caitlyn Bowyer – Bass/Vocals
  • Joe Sammons – Drums

You guys seem to be touring nonstop. How do you deal with the physical and emotional draining that playing so many shows can be?

We’ve just finished our 260th show in just 2 years so it’s been pretty full on. I think it’s just something we’ve kind of gotten used to. We love playing live so I guess we don’t think about it that much but there are times when we travel after the show to the hotel (We try to get to the next town or as close as possible the night before) where your sat there and the adrenaline wears off and you think “I’m exhausted”, but in terms of coping with it we all genuinely get on with each other and are best friends so you kind of pick each other up when you’re down.

You have been touring since early 2018, but what’s been your favourite show so far, and which are you most looking forward to now?

We can’t really choose a favourite show. There have been so many so it’s kind of hard to but I think we’d all agree that Headlining the platform one stage at last years Isle Of Wight Festival. That was very special to us and we were so honoured to be asked to play. We released our Debut album that day that a lot of people had pre ordered so they knew the words it was just an incredible experience and very humbling. We look forward to every show really but I think we’ve been asked to play Rebellion this year so we’re really excited for that one.

Your Album ‘Time, It Waits For No One’ came out a little while ago. What inspired these songs lyrically?

It feels like a long time ago since the release. The lyrics for the album were inspired by a lot of things. Most of them are about situations that occur in everyday life and the way people treat each other good or bad but with an overall message of hope. For example our song “I Know” is literally about pulling together when times are tough and remembering that no matter how bad things may seem they will get better.

What was your song writing process for the Album?

A lot of it was Scotty writing and demoing songs at home and bringing them to the band to jam through and see how they felt in the rehearsal space, then we’d take them live and see how they worked in a live setting what we liked watch how people reacted to the songs and then the ones we felt were the strongest and we liked best made the album really. It’s kind of a mix of a few of the ones we have been playing from the start of the band to ones written while on the road to 2 that we hadn’t played live but just felt right when we played them together.

What can fans expect from your next musical style?

We’re still going for big catchy melodies and keeping our punk roots but looking at some bigger riffs and just making the best songs that we can really. The mission statement is the same just write the best songs possible and hope that people will enjoy them as much as we enjoy playing them.

Who has the worst dress sense?

AHAH I’m not convinced any of us have any “dress sense” it’s more of a case of we look like we woke up in what we were wearing yesterday and just went “Fuck it that’ll do”.

Funniest show story?

There’s load but this one is kind of one of our favourites. We were playing this show and we get half way through one of the songs and Scotty’s vocal mic starts slowly sinking toward the floor on the stand. The tech at the side of stage didn’t notice for about 30 seconds until he was basically doing the splits to still sing into the microphone to finish the song.

Pizza! What do you all have?

Scotty always goes for jalapenos and mushrooms.
Cait jalapeno and mushroom/ Cheese and tomato.
Joe some form of meat feast or just cheese and tomato.

Who’s the most annoying member?

I think we all are annoying in various ways but spending so much time together you know how to annoy the shit out of each other if you want to. There’s a lot of banter in the band so I guess it depends who’s picking on who in the van that day.

Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

We all ask each other to borrow 1 million pounds so Scotty asks Cait, Joe asks Scotty and then Cait asks Joe then we all argue about who owes who 1 Million pounds. In all honesty I think we’d probably like to build a studio or something to just write and record in non stop.

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