Review – Mind Razor (The Red Room)

The Red Room – Mind Razor

There appears to be a resurgence of DIY grunge in the New Jersey rock scene, and four-piece ‘The Red Room’ do not disappoint with their offering of album ‘Mind Razor’. It is rare for a band that have so recently formed together to have a sound as cohesive and bold as their own. This raw, heavier feel is showcased in riff-laden opening track ‘Zen Devil’.

A highlight can be found in ‘Joke in Utopia’, with their cool, aloof lyricism hinting at a slight nod to a Brit-Rock influence. Moodier tracks like name-sake ‘Mind Razor’ will appeal to Nirvana fans without sounding like a shallow tribute act. ‘Village’ provides a timely change of pace to the full-length; pregaming ‘Speedway Satyr’. Fans of classic-rock should not shy away from the lengthy track, packed with riffs that’ll hold your attention.

There is no doubt that this album has been well-received, with an already sizeable audience for a debut release. The Red Room are not afraid to experiment with their style, without compromising their cohesive sound. Mind Razor is a succinct display of just what The Red Room are capable of.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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3 thoughts on “Review – Mind Razor (The Red Room)

  1. Rock on! (I followed you)


  2. Can I suggest badflower?


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