EP Review – Trashed

Trashed – Faceplant EP review

Bristol based trio Trashed threw themselves onto the scene in 2018, trading in uni and 9-5s to create music they know and love. With heavy influences from the likes of Green Day and Sum 41, their latest EP Faceplant is every old school pop-punk fan’s dream.

Opening track Isn’t That Cute couldn’t be more of an appropriate homage to their punk predecessors Green Day, setting the tone for the rest of Faceplant. Lyrics like “Face it you’re a fake and you can’t see that you’re dreaming” pack the chorus with angst.

Trashed have clearly put in the work since their first EP Yours Not Mine to hone their sound, not solely relying on their lead vocals to push their style. Comparisons can be drawn from Yours Not Mine’s stand-out track Waste Away, which is the most similar in style to Faceplant. As seen in Dear Kelsie and Not the Same, each packed with unmistakably aggressive bass tones and punchy drums to flesh out the tracks.

Some personal highlights for me have to be the latest release Disgusting and tongue in cheek track Charlie Sheen. Trashed present themselves as a band you just know would be incredibly entertaining to see live. You can hear the crowd chanting along to Charlie Sheen’s “Can’t see straight and I don’t know where I am today is not really going as I planned.” Both listen like clear crowd pleasers, catchy choruses and playful riffs make them a couple of standouts from the EP.

Their latest EP Faceplant shows the already well-established Trashed are more than capable of matching up to their influences. It is unapologetically as fast paced as it is fun, and is definitely worth a listen.

Words By Selina Payandee.

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