Review – Break Fate (Ferocity)

London-based pop/rock trio Break Fate are here to provide us with a glimmer of hope during these uncertain times with their debut album Ferocity. This album follows a concept of trying to tackle the ‘ocean’ of life, hitting rock bottom and still finding your way back up. Break Fate have been on the scene for three years, choosing to focus their energy on creating music they truly believe in. Ferocity is a little different than their prior straight forward pop-punk roots, but it’s a welcome change.

Prelude ‘Ferocity’ succinctly introduces us with their ‘mantra’ of sorts, ‘I will face life with ferocity’- the driving force behind all other tracks. Leading us aptly to the equally ferocious track ‘Fire’, punching in with driving drums and indignant vocals. Originally written with global warming in mind, lyrics like “no rest no power, always weak” and “life is bleak” represents the anger and anxieties of societal perils. Extinguishing the flames of the prior track is the ethereal ‘Miraculous’ packed with plenty distortion and floaty harmonies throughout.

A personal favourite for me is the band’s second pre-released track ‘Fog’. Bringing such a welcome smack of energy to the album and giving us a glimmer of their modern pop-punk roots. Always ones to push their message of fighting against the odds, the track is a feel-good reminder to believe in your own dreams and let go of the ‘fog’ holding you back. Another treasure is the unassuming track ‘Blackout’, wait this one out for the immense change in intensity and vocal range right up until the end.

The more morose ‘Out Loud’ displays Break Fate’s ability to switch things up a little, stripped back with an acoustic guitar and cleaner vocals. Ferocity’s final track ‘Ender’ has one of the strongest lead riffs of the whole debut, Break Fate have really packed in all things great in this closing track. Great guitar tone, punchy drums, smooth vocals harmonise with such optimism; it’s hard for this not to be an instant favourite.

Break Fate have so very clearly put their all into their debut album, which has been three years in the making. Incredibly bold, anthemic and meaningful, Ferocity is a little piece of something different, and deserves 35 minutes of your undivided attention.

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