Review – Hightail (Sweet Tooth)

Hightail – Sweet Tooth


Consisting of; Jordan Veale, George Adams, Jack Adams, Lewis Bellamy and Chris Bretton, Hightail open up their softer side with ‘Sweet Tooth‘. Following their January hit ‘No One Left‘ they take you on a metaphorical stride of lust and love beyond repair. Produced by Zac Pritchett, it has clearly initiated them as a prime pop punk band to look out for.

Originally when I first played the track, the mood instantly hit me. It’s vibrant, happy and the vocals provide that immediate impact. As soon as the first verse hits, it is stuck with you and not wanting to stop listening is the greatest thing. Jordan immaculately provides range, depth and pitch to a strong opening. Within the verse, the vocals and lyrics increase in pace and Jordan keeps his cool, keeps bouncing and for some artists it’s difficult to grab hold of that pitch. He sings in such a high note that he has so much room to jump between words and it works incredibly well. Props to you Jordan. Just to top it off, the final chorus hits in so much emotionally with the double layer of vocals coming over each other, both sending out different messages but both equal in deliverance and feeling.

Lyrically this track seems to hit a hard message of loss, doubt and drive
of passion to deliver a simple message yet portray it incredibly well. In
the chorus they state “You’re so sweet like chocolate, you got my sweet
tooth craving more” and this thoroughly reminds me of how many times
you sit and write all of the metaphors in lyrics for a certain someone, it
always comes out poetically and the majority of the time will not hit home
correctly, but this has a different circumstance. It’s nice to personally
address these thoughts and feelings in the best way possible, why not
hammer them down in the chorus to give the best outcome? They’ve
done that.

Jack and George display their guitarist talent by complimenting one another throughout the track allowing each other space to do their own thing, you can tell that they work very closely with Jordan to significantly develop a sound that generates the energy and belief they have in their work.

There is a real punchiness which aims to grab the viewers attention and really get your head moving, Lewis on bass and Chris are the statements of this track enhancing common roots that inhale thickness, strength and a colossal outbreak of pop punk magic. Summarising, the freshness and colour the track brings out is exactly what Hightail were aiming for. This type of track is one that will sound even stronger live, digging a crowd participation will really exceed all expectations for this strong, pop punk band.

Words by Tom Shortell

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