Interview – Second Home

Second Home are from Manchester, UK and consist of;

  • Monique Tallow – Guitar/Vocals
  • Kyle Gibson – Bass

*All questions answered by Monique Tallow.

1. We Are Dying came out Feb 28th, and has hit over 1000 plays on Spotify, are you happy with how this has streamed so far?

I wasn’t expecting it to do that well, especially in comparison to the streams on the other tracks. I’m very happy with it!

2. We Are Dying seems to be the lead single of a new EP or LP, when will we hear another release from Second Home?

Yes! It’s the lead single of the new EP! The only thing left to do is vocals but unfortunately I can’t do them since we’re on lockdown. You’ll deffo hear new SH music once this is all over.

3. What can fans expect from the future tracks to the album?

A lot of heavier pop punk and melodic riffs that will make everyone emo.

4. What does the rest of the year hold for SH? We know Covid-19 will restrict a lot!

Hopefully a gig or two by the end of the year and new music. We actually had a show in May but that’s been cancelled unfortunately. 2020 is ROUGH.

5. We know there is a clear strong message in your track WAD, but what inspired these lyrics specifically?

The inspiration for the WAD lyrics came from American politics and the 2019 UK General Election. It really highlighted the ignorance and division within the UK, especially in the media. There was an abundance of propaganda and sadly people actually fell for it.

6. What was the song writing process for WAD?

Believe it or not I wrote the music for it back in 2018! I was listening to Sum 41’s Screaming Bloody Murder album for the first time in a few years and it made me wanna write something in that ‘heavy rock’ style. I remember it didn’t take long to write, everything just fell into place perfectly. I wrote the lyrics in late 2019. There’s way too many songs in the world about love so I wanted to write something different and about a subject I feel strongly about. Hooray for politics!

7. How are you keeping yourselves entertained during quarantine?

I wish I was in quarantine, the joys of working in a hospital! Aside from that, I’ve been playing a tonne of Animal Crossing and rewatching Hannah Montana. Disney+ should sponsor me honestly, I’m on it all the time. Also I bought a new electric drum kit so I’m currently teaching myself how to play drums (third times a charm)

8. You’re clearly strong on the government and politics, what’s your thoughts on the current way that our government are controlling Covid-19?

Oh boy where shall I begin? My main issue is that the government haven’t enforced a strict lockdown like how Spain and Italy have. There’s so many people breaking the social distancing rules and having parties ect since there’s no consequences (unless you get sick). The worlds full of inconsiderate pricks. Also the strain on the NHS and lack of PPE/equipment is absurd. I’ll stop there because I’ll end up writing a whole essay

9. What’s your funniest show story?

So my other band (Without Andrew) supported Bronnie in March. On stage our singer mentioned that we’ll be giving out free CD’s at the merch stand. Suddenly this girl in the crowd just went ‘why would anyone want a CD from a band they don’t like’. No one reacted to it but I thought it was hilarious, we needed some ice for that burn for sure haha!

10. Leave a message for your fans!

What fans? Hi mum and dad. Kidding but seriously thank you to anyone who listens to us and comes to our shows. It’s hard being a one woman band but hopefully I can share some new stuff with you all soon! Take care and please stay safe, remember staying home saves lives!  – Mo

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