Review – Jamie Stoffa (I’m Gonna Break Your Heart)

Jamie Stoffa – I’m Gonna Break Your Heart

Released on April 14th, ‘I’m Gonna Break your Heart‘ is a passionate display of sadness and rage wrapped up in one package. The second single from Florida based artist/engineer Jamie Stoffa, the song differs from the previous release showing more of Stoffa’s full range as an artist, as well as his roots in the post hardcore genre.

The song opens with a strong message, “I’m gonna break your heart,’ Stoffa wails over the opening riff. Stoffa feels more comfortable in this lane, layered screams with his brilliantly subtle cleans. His ability to stretch his vocals between the two styles is impressive and reminiscent of early A Day to Remember. This is showcased throughout the chorus with the verses. The punchy lyric “It’s what you do when you’re the dark, I’m gonna break your heart,” closes out the wonderfully constructed chorus, sliding into the next verse with ease.

The overall structure of the song is fantastic. Stoffa truly feels at home and welcomed into the fold of this blend of sounds. The chorus is far from annoying or repetitive, with a slight build in intensity everytime it appears. Then there’s the break down, where Stoffa showcases his very impressive vocal abilities with a straight flex. He continues to deliver his punchy lyrics while the breakdown rolls past, as if he’s screaming down upon us all from a skyscraper. The breakdown is constructed and produced near perfectly leading into a final chorus. It’s refreshing to see an artist lean into his own sensibilities rather than the preconcieved notions that have stood for a decade in post hardcore and metal.

As a listener it would be nice if there was a little less production. Stoffa’s previous single showcased his ability to lean into a very raw sound. However, the added effects and production don’t really distract from the overall product. This song deserves to be heard, and be the signal for a new era. Stoffa could be the next Kevin Devine, bending genres and collaborating with artists across the spectrums of genre.

In conclusion, ‘I’m Gonna Break Your Heart‘ absolutely slaps and the lyrics belong on shirts. Stoffa has said he will continue to release singles and there are no plans for an EP at this time. However, if he can continue to bring the rain like he has, then there’s no doubt he’ll be hitting much larger stages in the years to come.

Words by Justin Mostaffa.

1 thought on “Review – Jamie Stoffa (I’m Gonna Break Your Heart)

  1. Dylan Breassler May 9, 2020 — 5:04 pm

    This song makes me want to clap my ass cheeks together


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