Review – Radio Aftermath (Kiss From A Rebel)

Radio Aftermath – Kiss from a Rebel

Kiss from a Rebel hits a high note as the debut single from Leeds based Radio Aftermath. The Alt-Rock quartet have opened a door with their bouncy single released May 1st. Influences like Jamie Lenman and Rise Against are clearly displayed as the band naturally fills the track with their explosive sound.

The guitar wails over the opening, setting the coming scene. When the band finally snaps into the verse it’s fresh and welcome. As the band races and rages through the first verse no time is wasted, no space left empty. Vocalist/Guitarist Chris Bennet growls and chants his way through the entirety of the song showcasing a seemingly unstoppable range. Bennet presents the lyrics with a cool, intriguing confidence not normally seen in a debut.

However this isn’t a one man show, with a catchy beat and addictive bass line to really hold together the memorable track. Towards the end of the song this is made shockingly clear with a “left turn” that forces repeat listens. The slow build into the lead out is frenetic and a completely welcome change of pace. While nothing is left out of this debut; it definitely feels like Radio Aftermath has more to show the world, more unique song approaches to provide.

Right out of the gate Radio Aftermath has brought some rain. Kiss from a Rebel belongs on everyone’s “Summer Alt Playlist” or even just their catch-all “Summer Playlist”. This song could be a real chart climber given the proper support from listeners. Radio Aftermath has raised expectations with their fantastic debut; certainly, in the months and years to come they will continue to meet and exceed those expectations.

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