Led By Lanterns drop new single ‘Criminal’

Birmingham’s Led By Lanterns Drop New Single

‘Criminal’ Now Streaming Everywhere.

‘Criminal’, the first in a run of singles leading up to a heavily anticipated album due this autumn, dives into one of the many emotions that rule our heads – Anger.

The band are definitely pushing their musical boundaries with electronic vibe filled verses, massive melodic choruses and a heavy breakdown that takes you on the journey of how anger can build and control us if we don’t let it out.

Shaun Hill, from LBL said: “This is as much about us as it is about you. Expressing thoughts and feelings isn’t easy but it’s something we all need to do to keep sane. We might not always be able to say it directly, but we can let it out creatively. Pain, love, excitement and apathy. Emotions are fundamental to who we are. We write and record in an abandoned college near Birmingham and these songs are a window into our own experiences. We hope they help you to express yours. This is as much about you as it is about us.”

The song makes you want to move. Filled with dancy vibes and heavy riffs,
‘Criminal’ has everything that you need and leaves you wanting more. Led By
Lanterns are continuing to prove that they’re not messing around. Having recently toured with the likes of WSTR, Mallory Knox and Normandie, they continue to gain great playlisting and radio play. Led By Lanterns are here to stay.

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