Review – Chasing Apparitions (As Above, So Below)

Chasing Apparitions – As Above, So Below

Indiana heavy metal band Chasing Apparitions release their latest track As Above, So Below from their sophomore EP Am I Worth Saving?

Straight off the bat I have to say I really enjoyed this track, there’s something so refreshing with As Above, So Below, it carries all those themes and ideas you can familiarise yourself with in most metal tracks such as breakdowns and real gut wrenching guitar riffs but there’s something in the structure and the delivery of this track that just makes it really stand out from the competition.

The song is extremely direct and very much has that feeling of deliberate aim weather it be on a personal level or a more general point of view. The track comes from a place of passion and devotion to the lyrics which always makes for a more enjoyable listening experience. Obviously as well I can’t overlook the instrumentals on this track, which are just absolutely blistering. The band really pull off some spotless musicianship on this single and there are hard pounding drum sections, heavy bass components and some beautifully constructed guitar melodies that really shine on the intimacy and smoothness of the performance.

The intimacy is partially why I really enjoyed As Above, So Below, while it can be relentless, in your face and as heavy as you expect, it also leaves room to breathe and take in all those amazing instrumentals that are such an important aspect of any heavy metal track.

Seriously great work coming from these guys and I look forward to hearing their upcoming release.

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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