Review – Minister (Bury My Bones In The Hollywood Hills)

This track, was ultimately, a blessing. ‘Bury My Bones In The Hollywood Hills‘ provides a statement for Minister as a band as they mean business in the hardcore scene.

Delivering eccentric hard-hitting performances from the get go. Some tracks develop the tendencies to catch the audience off guard without an intro or interlude to bring in the force that they are producing, but not Minister, with Erim Ahmet (guitarist), Jack Hicklin (drums) and their stand in bassists automatically gripping you by providing a fantastic hardcore strike developing very quickly to keep the flow organic throughout. The rhythm stabilising an atmospheric synth that shines amongst the dark, dreaded emotion that this track succeeds with. Moving on, vocalist Dann Penaluna introduces himself as a strong leader and highlights the inner sequences of a humans emotive and their urges within. Highlighting them substantially so the viewer is already inside that mindset.

The track begins with encouraging metaphors describing themselves as an animal and a wrecking ball. Both courageous, strong and their own materials. A recurring line that instantly took me was “No stones around our feet” – This lyric enables the viewer and the band to a feeling that they aren’t going to be kept down, nor are they going to let anyone tell them who they are and what they’re going to do, they’re on their own and will take their lives to their own paths. I particularly enjoyed the middle 8/bridge. The space it gives off with Erim showing a slick, calm guitar riff to Jack easing his way into the field solemnly reminds of System Of A Down & Korn. It’s a grunge feeling. Once this is over the final part is the perfect conclusion to a solid track, Dann’s vocals are seen as something you missed through the last 30 seconds and boy, everyone is glad that he flew straight back into this.

The difficult aims and outcomes for this genre is that although you do aim to hit as strong as you can, but to deliver an atmosphere, suspense and patience for what is yet to come. This track does that. It has the potential to really engage the hardcore scene, and we are talking, crowd surfing, pits, full audience involvement, chaos. Which is exactly what it needs to portray.

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Words by Tom Shortell

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