Band of the Week – Velvateen

Velvateen started out in the Los Angeles outskirts by Jacob Jimenez (vocals / guitar) and Sam Santos (drums). In the summer of 2014, Velvateen had infiltrated the Los Angeles and Inland Empire underground music scene by showing their raw, authentic and in your face brand of hard rock music. With influences that span a plethora of genres, Velvateen seeks to destroy all in sight by being as loud and heavy with only two people, the same way that other bands would do with five.

A review of ours on their track ‘Sleeveless’ reads: “The musicianship on this track was a stand out, the moody vocals blended well with the grunge themed, groove guitar filled and bass were a brilliant combination all supported by some dirty but solid drumming that drives the track from the get go”.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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