Latchkey release new single ‘Shelter’

Latchkey release new single ‘Shelter’

We are Latchkey. We are a collective of friends that have gathered from all walks and backgrounds of life. Together to tell our untold stories, through passionate and relatable songs. In 2013, we started this idea of sharing these stories. We released “Set The Setting” demo, an acoustically driven adventure through the mind and thoughts of our front man Brandon Branch and guitarist David Johnston. But we had more to share, so we went back to work. In 2015, we followed up with “Don’t Let Yourself Go”. Our debut EP about the blur and struggles that is adulthood, and the mess that follows. Our Debut Album “Head In The Clouds” is the true holistic representation of us all. The first as a completed group. Our routes may have varied, but they all lend to this unique and unified sonic journey. Our stories will continue to be written, but for now well keep our heads in the clouds.

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“Shelter is the first single recorded since a new member change of the last release (Head in the Clouds). The song is heavier than our normal sound but we wanted something that stood out. I wrote this song about feeling insecure about progress made in our personal lives and feeling burdened by expectations that we have put on ourselves”.


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