Interview – Break Fate

Break Fate are from London, UK. Their band consists of; 

  • Mashana Malowa – Vocals
  •  Ricky Thompson – Guitar 
  • Oliver Cartwright – Drums

*all questions answered by Ricky

1. So ‘Ferocity’ came out on 1st May, and it has reached some incredible numbers already! What is it like to release a debut and have this response?

It has been Incredible! On the lead up to the album we had been riding on a small wave of self doubt, but sometimes you need to let your music do the talking. We have an incredible fan base that we know most of them by name. Seeing all of them sharing our music everywhere and getting on big playlist has been very fulfilling.

2. My personal favourite from the album is Blackout, what’s yours?

I love that you say Blackout! We have always felt that song was a hidden gem on the album and wouldn’t get enough credit. Our favourite track changes day to day but at the moment it’s Ender. I don’t go a day without listening to it at least once!

3. What inspired the lyrics to the tracks on Ferocity?

We started writing Ferocity after we had graduated from university, it was a weird time as everyone around us seemed to be reaching the sky with their careers and had clear visions of their future. This wasn’t the case with us, we were inspired because we knew we weren’t the only ones facing the oceans of life, we weren’t the only ones who had lost relatives or hit rock bottom… I guess it all comes from turning our lowest moments in our lives into the brightest and inspiring others to do the same.

4. What was the song writing process for your debut?

This might be a bit different from other bands but mostly from voice notes on messenger apps. We live quite far from each other, so once either myself or Mashana had some lyrics on a page, we would start crafting the music and vocal melodies through our phones until we had enough parts to hit the rehearsal room. Mashana also doesn’t know how to play guitar or any instrument. So he would send me voice notes of him trying to hum a guitar melody which was hilarious! But they always made sense.

5. Can you tell us an interesting / funny fact about the LP?

If you listen to the track ‘Hang’ there is a voice clip from the first time we ever played the song in a rehearsal room. The voice clip is at the end of the song, and it is Mashana’s first ever reaction to the performance as the last part of the track was fully improvised.

6. Were there any artists/albums that inspired this album in particular?

There are so many to mention but our main inspiration would be ‘Copacetic’ by Knuckle Puck. When Mashana and I first started hanging out, we both discovered that each of us loved that album! When Oliver joined the band, he also fell in love with this album too. Our other influences are Mallory Knox, Touche Amore, Bring Me The Horizon and Avenged Sevenfold.

7. What is the impact that Covid-19 is currently having on your band right now, and for the future?

At first it was negative, we had a three month marketing strategy in the works that we had to scrap and adapt it. But once we got our head around the pandemic we started to realise it could work for us. What people don’t know about us is that we’re not just musicians… we’re filmmakers, artists, animators too apparently. We have been able to put out so much cool fun content that has been helping us grow our following. We admit we really want to play live, but I guess that’s something for next year.

8. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers so far?

The most surreal moment was the week before the album dropped when we premiered ‘Ferocity’ for the first time to all our fans. We had created visuals to go with each track and animation. It premiered on youtube with a live chat. We had seventy fans in the chat with us, and reached 250 views in a couple hours. It’s crazy because we weren’t expecting that many people to show… It was heartwarming to know you have a community of people that support us and our music.

9. What has been the biggest challenge so far?

I think our biggest challenge so far has been getting our music in people’s headphones. As an unsigned band it’s hard to get anyone to just listen to our music, we’ve had to be creative with it. Social media is something that we’ve definitely taken more seriously this year by uploading lots of good videos, skits, and teasers.

10. Who has the worst dress sense?

Luckily we have our own personalised jumpsuits to solve this problem haha, but we all dress very differently so it’s difficult to point out one person. Mashana tends to dress very smartly because he works in an office. You’d never know he was even in a band. Myself, well I tend to wear too much merch and baggy hoodies, always reppin the bands I love. Oliver on the other hand tends to wear black and only black. Sometimes he’ll throw a white t-shirt on haha what can we say, he loves that colour haha But yeah, it’s awesome that we all have different styles aha. 

11. Who’s the most annoying?

Oliver might be the annoying one, mostly because he is musically trained and we are not haha. In the rehearsal room and studio he speaks another language… and he calls us annoying for not knowing what he’s talking about…

12. Leave a message for your followers!

Hello to all our friends, if you’re new around here or been with us from the start. We appreciate each and everyone of you! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for playing our album, sharing it with all your friends, and even your ex.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.


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