Review – Cloaker (1995)

Cloaker ‘1995’ EP Review

Six track EP ‘1995‘ from Kelowna based quartet Cloaker is everything you’d want from an emo release. Expect all the distorted guitars and relatable lyrics Cloaker packed into their initial EP ‘A Higher Authority’ just a year back; but with a little more grit and maturity.

Intro track ‘Fake’ is effortlessly cool with its practice room vibes, smoothly transitioning into the dynamic ‘Whatever’. ‘Whatever’ is instantly a track you’ll want to play over and over, catchy lyrics and drums that never tire maintain its relentless energy. “I’m always broke, I’ll always be broke” are fan-favourite lyrics you’ll soon be singing to yourself.

Influences from emo pioneers Citizen and Title fight are clearly present but not overbearingly so in ‘1995’. Fans of the prior will take a particular liking for heart-wrenching final track ‘Cry’, with all the classically emo chord progressions and airy vocals you could ask for.

Lean’ is yet another showcase of Cloaker’s musical ability, with everyone pulling their weight equally. Without leaning on the classic verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure, they aren’t afraid to play around and keep us entertained. Melodic riffs and vocals to match make eponymous ‘1995’ a summery stand-out. Another track you just won’t get sick of no matter how many times you play it, look forward to having lyrics “I forgot the names but I know your face so it’s nice to see ya” in your head for days on end.

Cloaker have truly come into their own with their EP ‘1995’, which will leave you only wanting more from them. This is a band who clearly can’t wait to get out and play more songs for you, so you might as well just learn the lyrics now.

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Words by Selina Payandee.


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