Interview – Chasing Apparitions

Chasing Apparitions are from Terre Haute, Indiana, USA! Their Members consist of;

  •  Josey Stines – Guitar / Vocals
  • Justin Stubbs – Vocals


1. As Above, So Below is an absolute belter! What was the song writing process for this track?

Josey – The main verse riff was actually written first simply because it was ‘bouncey’. A lot of this song was just trying to piece together riffs that we found fun to play.

Justin – When I jumped in the instrumentals were already done, so my end of the writing process was all vocals. The process was very tricky for me because I’ve been away from heavier music for so long, but once I knew what I wanted to do lyrically the style just came to me.

2. What inspired the lyrics to As Above, So Below?

Justin Poverty. It’s something a lot of us struggle with. Living paycheck to paycheck or just being homeless as a whole. I feel not enough is done for the people who are struggling. I also feel that people who are better off look down onto those who struggle in these ways.

3. We know this is the lead single to your new album ‘Am I Worth Saving?’. How do the rest of the tracks compare to this single?

JoseySome songs on the EP, (“L’appel Du Vide” or “the call of the void”) I feel represents the EP extremely well as far as the underlying message that I want to convey, but “Memento Mori” is definitely one of the coolest songs as far as instrumentals go. We felt like this song was a happy medium of what you can find on the EP.

4. Was there a specific band or album to inspire AASB, if so who?

Josey – When writing the EP I was listening to a lot of Thousand Below, Architects, & Born of Osiris. The name of the EP actually comes from a Thousand Below song called “Tradition” that says “Am I worth fixing? is all I really have to say.” & that line really hit me.

5. Are you happy with how it has performed so far?

JoseyI am extremely happy with how this single has been received. CA went through a line-up change almost immediately after recording “The Hedonist” & typically when a band takes a 3yr break they don’t recover. To say I was nervous is an understatement, but so far this single is surpassing everything from “The Hedonist” at an alarming rate. I can’t wait to see what people think about the other songs.

JustinVery! We hit 4k views on YouTube & over 4k on Spotify so far which I think to us is astounding considering there hasn’t been a release in roughly 4yrs.

6. We’re well into Covid-19 now, what kind of impact do you think this will have on the music scene, and yourselves in particular?

Josey –  I feel like COVID-19 is going to make 2021 the biggest year in music. You can’t do anything. Take the time to sit down & work on some fresh material. Find a way to connect with your fans outside of the usual tour, release, & repeat. I feel like every band is going to drop some heat next year & the tour lineups are going to be stacked. We’ll come back stronger than ever for sure.

JustinSeeing as this is a band that’s just jumping back into it, I think the hardest impact to us will be the fact that we can only have so many people at shows. That’s less people that get to meet us face to face and learn about us.

7. What have you been doing to keep yourself content during lockdown?

JoseyDuring this lockdown I’ve been working on a ton of behind the scenes stuff for CA, that you’ll see in the coming months. As well as working on music for 2021, so there’s always something new coming from us.

8. Can you share with us, your funniest show story?

JoseyThe funniest show story has to be from a show we played in Bedford. Headliners, Hail to the King, was rocking out having a great time when all of a sudden the guitarist just goes through the floor. Like Straight down. The show stops for a second & they put a table over the hole. The owner is obviously not happy. The show resumes & the vocalist picks his foot up & slams down & goes straight through the floor. I couldn’t help but laugh.

JustinAs a guitarist, one time I was in the middle of a show, and the wire came loose in my imput jack, so you can imagine how that sounded in the middle of a set. Picture heavy music playing and then just feedback behind that out of nowhere as all the instruments one by one stop playing.

9. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers so far?

JoseyThe most surreal moment for me in CA was definitely the release of “As Above, So Below”. I dropped the song at midnight & was extremely nervous, but to see the numbers immediately climb & to hit 1.2k streams out first day, I was absolutely floored. I’ve never had a reaction like that from anything else I’ve ever released prior.

JustinMine personally was playing my first show as a vocalist. Having control over a crowd can really change the game as a live musician so it’s definitely something I had to get used to, but also something that I really enjoyed doing.

10. What were the personal touches on this track?

JoseyThe part right after the 2nd chorus. On the drums you hear a bell. I absolutely love doing that before a breakdown. I’ll throw that in as much as I can. As well as the little EDM drum part right after the solo.

JustinVocally my personal touches were made in the use of my vocal style. I did a lot of new things that I’ve never been able to fully make use of, like my lows!

11. Leave a message for your fans!

JoseyThank you for never giving up on CA. I know it’s been a long wait coming, but there’s a ton in store from here on out. I can’t thank you enough for the love you’ve shown “As Above, So Below” so far.

JustinGo check out Chasing Apparitions if you haven’t already! We’re excited to start gigging as soon as we can and meeting all of your wonderful faces!

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.


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