Review – Life In Idle (Hourglass)

Hourglass – Life in Idle Single Review

All at once familiar and uncharted, “Hourglass” hits all of the right notes. Premiering on Punk,Rocks! last night, Life in Idle offers up the first song of the summer with the new single now streaming everywhere. The Ohio based pop-punk outfit have been gaining a lot of steam and this new banger will only add more fuel for this seemingly unstoppable act.

From the opening riff, “Hourglass” holds attention with a punchy guitar riff that you won’t find in your older pop-punk tracks. The drums fly through the entire runtime while the bass holds a solid groove throughout. The singing of vocalist / guitarist David French feels much more natural than previous releases, with vocals harkening back to early Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Not a single note is missed and the chorus is as memorable as it is quotable.

If Sum-41 were to have started in 2018, this is exactly what they would’ve sounded like. I wish this song was longer, just to keep my head banging. This is what Life in Idle has brought to the table. This song is the beginning of another pop-punk summer and with songs like this being released, I think we are in for one of the best summers in recent memory. “Hourglass” is out now; so turn up the speakers, tune into the lyric video and yell it in your front garden!

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Words By Justin Mostaffa

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