Review – Ghost In The Atlantic (Dreamer’s Perspective)

Ghost in the Atlantic – Dreamer’s Perspective

Adding more heat to the summer; Ghost in the Atlantic released an absolutely flaming debut. Ghost in the Atlantic has arrived and they’re taking no prisoners. The South Coffeyville, metal outfit have made a statement, and they’re bound to put their small town on the map.

The song opens with a crunchy riff and the raging vocals of Wyatt Corsair leading from verse to chorus with ease. The sweeping guitars showcase the massive skill of Jared Hayden and Alan Adel. The Bass lines provided by Jarret Luker are toasty, while drummer Shae Woods drills away throughout the song. The overall production handled almost entirely by Hayden is impressive to say the absolute least.

It bangs, it rages, and the breakdown absolutely levels the listener. Clocking in at 4 minutes this song never takes its foot off the gas, leaving the listener exhausted by the end. 4 minutes may seem hefty but the song flies by so fast that it’s hardly noticed. If this summer wasn’t hot enough already, these guys just raised the temperature. It’s a suitable introduction, with many more to come.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa

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