Review – Goaltender (It’s Your Time)

Goaltender – It’s Your Time EP

Goaltender have offered up their own quarantine relief in the form of a new EP. It’s Your Time released on April 24th, showcasing the band’s raw energy in a compact release that rolls from start to finish. The St. Louis, MO based pop/punk act paint on multiple canvases to create unique songs within the project.

It’s Your Time opens on the single “On Your Own” a song touching on themes of social isolation while encouraging the listener that it is alright to feel alone. Easily the most relatable song, given the current climate worldwide. As an opening song it sets the bar high. The song channels a similar vibe to the work of Story So Far, vocalist Ben Johnson dominates the opening track with his almost pained singing. You can hear and feel the emotions pouring out with every word. This effect happens repeatedly throughout, every song has a moment where the words are directed at you.

This is not your entry level pop/punk band. These are complex, moving and very mature songs. The emotions expressed are universal felt. “Page-Turner” , the third track, will leave crowds chanting along to the chorus. All of the songs will be major crowd pleasers as soon as we’re allowed to have shows again that is. I feel that ‘On Your Own’ and ‘Page-Turner’ will be favourites.

So much credit goes to this band for their ability to make every song sound and feel different, yet part of the same project. It’s a difficult thing to pull off, and it’s safe to say they’ve stuck the landing. The variety of rhythms used by drummer Scott Grollman shows not just his individual but a broad spectrum of influences. Guitarist Danny Peterson does the work of two guitarists, while keeping every riff and lick different and unique. Bassist Jacob Machelett, (filling in for usual bassist David Fernandez), brought pounding and groovy bass lines that really provided the backbone of the whole experience.

Overall, this EP goes way beyond a typical release. Every single song is worthy of praise. When this band can finally tour again, I have a feeling it’ll be a packed house every night. So do yourself a favour, listen to this EP; and let this excellent release ease whatever anxieties and fears you may have.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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