Interview – Trashed

Trashed are based in Bristol, UK! Their members consist of;

  • Jimmy (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Sam (Vocals/Bass)
  • Ben (Drums)

*All questions answered by Jimmy.

1. Your Sophomore EP ‘Faceplant’ has been out just under 5 weeks, are you happy with how it has performed so far?

Yeah we’re psyched with the reaction, fans have said it’s front to back ‘bangers’ and they’ve been listening to it loads! Even after the staggered release after a screw-up from our distributors.

2. What inspired the lyrics to these tracks?

All of our songs are written about events in our lives. Unfortunately, none of them are really fabricated.

3. Who is Kelsie, and what’s the story?

So, Kelsie is a girl I used to date, with how that ended I should’ve known to stay away, but anyways, she moved to Australia and after a couple of years she got in contact and asked if I wanted to meet up while she was back in the UK. We spent several days having a great time, I then spent a LOT of money to go to Australia to spend two weeks at hers, after the first night we had a slight argument (basically about how she was letting this dude feel her up in the car while sitting next to me which I surprisingly wasn’t too chill with) that for a non-psychopath would’ve been water under the bridge, she then just wrote me off, I had to spend more money on a hotel and be alone in Melbourne feeling pretty whack. The day before I left I asked to meet up so we could at least part ways as friends. So I go to see her at the bar she works at (also the only place she goes and drinks at) and she arranges a date with this guy after telling me to come to the bar. She then makes out with him all night while I’m drowning my sorrows and then goes home with him. Hence the scathing lyrics!

4. How long were you working on your EP?

We technically started writing this EP while recording Yours Not Mine, but we seriously started working the songs out about a year ago.

5. What can fans next expect from Trashed?

We’re getting sick of our fans pestering us for an album so we’re writing one to shut them up. (We love them so much)

6. What sort of impact do you think Covid will have on the music scene in the long and short term?

Short-term – Absolutely tonnes of new music and merchandise. When life resumes as normal there’ll be tonnes of people attending shows (which probably won’t last as staying in watching live sets on YouTube is way better obviously).

Long-termLots of venue closures, still loads of music being released.

7. How has Covid effected you so far?

We had to postpone our UK tour, as well as a few festival slots we had lined up, it was the reason our EP was delayed being released, it’s also the reason we’re able to write our album at the rate we are, so some positives!

8. I hope you’re all social distancing! What do you do to keep yourself entertained in lockdown?

Crying mostly.

9. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers so far?

We were headlining in London, we’d announced that we weren’t playing any shows after that for a while to get ready to record Faceplant, so we had fans travel a long fucking way to come and see us. We opened with Yet Again and I thought people were just drunkenly yelling until I realised they were singing along to every single word. That was absolutely mental.

10. Can you share your funniest show story?

We played a show in Bristol, we decided to cover Dammit, I forgot literally every word and instead of stopping to remember the lyrics I just basically made noises to the melody. It’s the reason I can’t sleep most nights.

11. Thanks for chatting, leave a message for the fans!

We love you all so so much, you make our day so often. If anyone is struggling and wants to chat just send us a message, Instagram is usually the easiest one for us, and we can talk about whatever. x

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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