Review – Hire The Puppets (No Strings Attached)

Hire The Puppets – No Strings Attached EP Review.

Indiana based punk trio “Hire the Puppets” are in their words, ‘the antithesis of all things pop’. Taking a jab at the puppetry of the “mainstream” music industry by their namesake, Hire the Puppets don’t pull any punches with their latest EP ‘No Strings Attached‘.

Opening track ‘Little Danny‘ is full of nostalgia and takes you back to the 90’s punk era, talking of the media’s impact on kids’ state of mind. Catchy riffs and driving drums will have you tapping away before you’ve even noticed the darker lyricism. “Here is Cody with a gun / got his big black trench coat on”. Following this is the fast-paced ‘Strange but True’, filled to the brim with punchy riffs and gritty vocals from the get-go.

Hire the Puppets are not ones for shying away from the tougher subjects to write about. Melancholic ‘Letter from the Grave‘ displays their range and ability to slow it down when it is needed. Penultimate track ‘Through the suffering‘ has its highlights in its clanky bass tone and a bold guitar solo. Final track ‘Anti Punk’ features some of the more interesting musicality of the EP. Instantly reminding you of old school classic rock, with a simple but oh so effective riff throughout. Ironically, the lyrics are akin to a punk manifesto, begging (or warning) you to not judge them for the black clothes or spikes that they wear.

No Strings Attached is an interesting EP, dripping in nostalgia and vexation. Hire the Puppets are one of those bands that truly care about keeping the scene alive and maintaining authenticity. If either of those things appeal to you, you’ll find something you like in No Strings Attached.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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