Interview – Radio Aftermath

Radio Aftermath are a 4 piece from Leeds, UK! Their members consist of;

  • Chris – Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Matt – Lead Guitar
  • Rob – Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Jack – Drums

1. Hey! Thanks for chatting… first up we want to ask, how do you think your debut release of ‘Kiss from a Rebel’ has gone? Are you happy with how it’s performed?

Chris: Hey! So far so good thank you. People seem to be responding well to it, we’ve had a noticeable spike in social media follows and people seem to be digging the track and video, for an unsigned and relatively unknown band, you can’t ask for much more.

Jack: Overall I think its gone really well, it’s been well received by people, we are starting to get some good traction on social media and all this with the lockdown going on.

2. What inspired KFaR lyrically?

Chris: I wrote this one a while back, it’s obviously about a girl aha. Lyrically I’d say it’s about the troubles and turmoils of being in a relationship you give your all to, but in the end it proves futile. The girl I was seeing couldn’t decide what she wanted, she was also going through her final year of Uni, coupled with the stress of that and us both still being young, she just wanted to do her own thing and not be tied down, she was the Rebel. In hindsight, I totally get it now, but at the time I was so into her I couldn’t see past my own needs, I was really down for a while afterwards, but then I shook myself out of it and decided to focus heavily on getting Radio Aftermath on the straight and narrow.

3. Was there an artist or album in particular that inspired this style? I can sense a lot of Nickelback.

Chris: Ahhh he said Nickelback! Well, I actually like some Nickelback songs, but I’ve certainly never used them as an influence. I come from a punk and pop punk background mainly, and that’s initially how R.A. started, I had loads of unused riffs and songs that I’d written for my old pop punk band The Half Nelson’s. But as time went on I got more into bands like QOTSA, Foo Fighters, Placebo, Weezer, The Living End, then Rob joined with his influences and we decided to start trying to write more interesting songs and getting a groove.

Matt: Queens of the stone age I think more than Nickelback. But the yu’back have some very underrated riffs.

4. What’s next to come from Radio Aftermath? Do we get another single coming?

Chris: A new single yes! And gigs, lots and lots of gigs.

Rob: As soon as we’re allowed to be in the same room as one another we’re recording a new single. We had a full roadmap for the year before everything went to shit. How do you make God laugh? Make a plan…

Jack: We have got a lot of material ready to go so as soon as we can we will be getting on that.

5. What was some of the thoughts clouding your head, ahead of your debut?

Rob: Promoting it in light of everything going on in the wider world was a big concern for me.

Matt: Mainly to do with the Covid issues, getting together, when we can next record and rehearse etc.

6. Who has the worst dress sense?

Chris: I have great fashion sense, so imma put that one Rob! Just because. Although Matt has worn some questionable shirts at our gigs.

Rob: Chris, he has a penchant for beanie hats and questionable facial hair.

Matt: Ummm. Maybe me. I have worn some awful shit at our gigs aha. I will work on that!

7. What was your first gig experience like?

Rob: With this band it was a stand in gig as their then bassist was away. I remember covering Green Day and Goldfinger and not many people being there. But whether you play for 10 people 10000 you give it your all.

Matt: With this band my personal experience was pretty great. We played really well and sped through our set in about 23 minutes or something. Must have been excitement. We had quite a few friends come down so we had a good night.

8. What are your favourite pizza toppings?

  • Chris: Pepperoni. Next question.
  • Rob: Pepperoni and jalapeño, pretty standard.
  • Matt: Meat meat meat, and Halloumi.
  • Jack: Pepperoni. Simple.

9. Where would you most like to play, once permitted?

Chris: It would be a dream come true to play Download or Leeds & Reading, but at the moment I’ve got my sights on playing the Brudenell Social Club and Live at Leeds, you can’t be a Leeds band and not play those!

Rob: It’s been a minute since I last played down south so hitting up London would be on my list. Festivals obviously, 2000 Trees is on my list as I love the vibe there.

Matt: I would love to play slam dunk festival, download or even Leeds fest. Glastonbury Why not aim high?

10. Thanks for chatting, leave a message for everyone reading!

Chris: Thanks for checking us out guys, hope you’re all safe and well, we can’t wait to see you all at some venue soon! Please check out our video for Kiss from a Rebel – Streaming on YouTube now.

Rob: Thanks for reading, I hope everyone is staying safe out there…
And please check out our video on YouTube. A friend of the band Jim Vickers ( knocked it together, and he really went above and beyond.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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