Review – Escape The Box (Grey)

Escape The Box – Grey

London based rockers Escape The Box drop their brand new single “Grey”, an alt rock number that displays the bands obvious potential and their persistence to make a name for themselves in a crowded genre.

Grey really defines that line between heavy rock and easy listening and to be honest what alternative rock really is. While Grey does have some sections that hit hard and demonstrate more of a throw down vibe, this track comes off as almost ballad sounding due to its emotionally charged lyrics and it’s steady guitar melodies and it delivers so smoothly.

The vocals on Grey are very prominent and the vocal style provided on the track does it brilliant justice, especially the harmonies in each chorus, really adding to that emotional connection from the listener to the artist. ETB also support these vocals with great artistry, nothing is over played or over used. They know when to lay back and take it steady, as well as to let loose and hit harder adding a nice balance to the track, the light spacious verse sections and the intense emotionally powered chorus.

Of course each members delivery is just as nicely done. The guitars and drums are clear and played excellently and just provide that great steady back beat a track like this deserves, bringing me to the production. There’s a real nice airy vibe Escape The Box provide when it comes to Grey and again it’s exactly what the track needs, no over the top sounds or production traits that lose the listener with pointless textures, just that easy listening finish which for Grey is perfect.

The track as a whole is an emotionally charged alternative rock piece that while it does encourage the listener to sit back and take it in, provides a fun and enjoyable vibe which I really caught on with. In a time when alternative rock can become stale and too many bands tend to follow the crowd Escape The Box deliver a great track that really has its own voice in this hugely populated genre and I look forward to hearing any future releases from the band.

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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