Interview – Cloaker

Cloaker are a quartet from Kelowna, Canada! Their band consists of;

  • Colton Douglas – Vocals/Guitar
  •  Colton Baker – Guitar
  •  Damien Moore – Bass
  •  Tyler Sarris – Drums

*All questions answered by Colton Douglas.

1. Hey! Thanks for chatting with us! First things up, your sophomore EP ‘1995’ has been out just over 8 weeks now, are you happy with how it’s performed?

Our EP has performed very well! We released right as Covid-19 started happening but despite that it has already passed our first EP in streams so we are so stoked!

2. Why was the EP named ‘1995’? What was the significance of that year?

I decided to call the EP 1995 due to it being my birth year and because the EP lyrically is very personal and dives into a lot of nostalgic themes.. I had the EP name in mind before any of the songs had really come to fruition, so decided to stick with it!

3. What inspired these tracks lyrically?

Lyrically the EP talks about struggling to survive while still putting time and effort into your dreams ( For me, playing music for a living), dealing with the loss of someone close to you, growing up away from your hometown and family, and learning to deal with the heavy guilt of regret from past decisions.

4. There tends to be a bit more maturity in bands after each album, did you find yourself that bit more mature in the writing process compared to ‘I Serve… A Higher Authority’?

This EP has definitely showed off our ability to grow as a band, while still maintaining a signature sound. Musically and lyrically I feel we have matured since our debut EP. Most of the songs on our first EP I actually wrote when I was 18/19. Now being 24 it felt more natural to write using some more mature themes and experiences.

5. My favourite off the album is the lead single ’95, what’s yours?

My favourite song changes all the time! Originally it was “’95”, then it changed to “Cry’ due to my very personal themes in that song. At the moment my favourite is “Whatever”.

6. What was it like recording the video for ’95?

Recording the video for ’95 was fun and easy because I would give my old school camcorder to whoever was around and say “This thing has 60 minutes of tape, have fun”. Going through footage was a blast and made me miss playing shows very much.

7. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers?

The most surreal moment for Cloaker has to be our first run we did in support of our debut EP back in August 2019. We had never played anywhere other than Kelowna, and had just released a 4 song EP, yet, when we played our show in Vancouver it was nearly sold out. We are very fortunate to have the fan base we have.

8. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I’ve been trying to get our boys in Floorboards to do a split with us for a year now so we will see if that happens haha. Would love to do something with Trench, one of my favorite Western Canadian bands.

9. Once the world can go out again, where would you most like to play?

Anywhere! We can’t wait to play shows! As soon as we can we will be hitting the ground running.

10. Leave a message for the fans reading!

Thanks so much for listening! Expect new music this year. We do not plan on slowing down. Stay Safe.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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