Interview – MAINES

MAINES are a 4 piece from Wales! Their members consist of;

  • Dave – Vocals / Guitar
  • Ray – Guitar / Vocals
  • Alice – Bass / Vocals
  • Craig – Drums

1. There are so many different bands we can sense that have influenced you! Who are your top 3 influences?

Impossible to narrow it to 3, aside from our obvious influences a couple of us like Russian Circles Alice really likes Pvris and also Aphex Twin for the noise sections. Anything challenging conventional structure to keep us interested, while also grounding everything in a punk approach we find an important challenge. Bad Brains contrasting hardcore with reggae is inspiring, I guess we attempt something similar, with punk and shoegaze. (I know you said 3)

2. Your debut has been out for 2 and a bit months now, are you happy with how it has performed? I must’ve listened to each track 1000 times!

Thank you! Yeah it’s great! people say some very good things and seem to enjoy what we’re aiming for!

3. My favourite track is ‘Spider Skull’. What’s yours?

Very nice! We all have different ones but probably ‘The Battle‘ or ‘Malkovich’ would top our list.

4. What inspired the lyrics to go with ‘Spring’?

Death and rebirth, dealing with destructive behaviour cycles, both internally and externally began to emerge as a theme. So felt suitable naming the E.P with the season of rebirth to start anew.

5. Was there an artist or album in particular that inspired the EP?

Nate Dogg is all the inspiration Ray our guitarist needs every day, 213 will regulate. RIP.

6. What’s next to come from MAINES?

Hopefully we’ll manage a tour, maybe a music video for one of our tracks.

7. Can you share an interesting fact about the EP?

Craig was watching wrestling while recording his drum takes, including matches with the most controversial Wrestler. But nailed all his takes in one go! Everything you hear is the soundtrack to him watching diving head-butts, except ‘Whales’.

8. What do you think will be the long term impacts on the music industry with Covid-19?

Smaller venues likely taking a hit, maybe attendance as well due to worries or anyone vulnerable. Live sector will change slightly, maybe wearing face masks. I think we’ll find ways to continue though. In our area MWJ hosts gigs to raise money for good causes, so we can help where possible.

9. Who has the worst dress sense?

Alice is into cosplay, making some of the choices pretty questionable. But she also owns a crossbow so watch out!

10. Funniest show story?

At our first proper gig some lads having a Colombian night out were heckling us to do guitar battles with each other. So we treated them to a nice, intense, wave of harsh noise, similar to Throbbing Gristle. Then let it bounce off the walls to raise their heart bpm a little. There was no heckling after that.

Leave a message for readers!

Hello, Please check out ‘Spring’ on feel free to order a copy or follow us on social media’s @mainesband Thanks and stay safe x

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