Interview – Hire The Puppets

We spoke to Hire The Puppets! HTP are a 3 piece from Indiana, USA. Their members consist of;

  • Corey Ravns – Vocals / Guitar
  • Malachi Axum – Bass
  •  Andy Strange – Drums

1. Your debut has been out a little while now, are you happy with how No Strings Attached has performed, and continuing to perform?

Corey: We have been so amazed by the reception our EP has gotten! Hire The Puppets fans (Puppeteers) are the best ever! We hope to keep it alive and performing even better every day, maybe leading up to a full album soon!

Malachi: Absolutely. When we put it out, we were just expecting a few people here and there to pick up on it, and we just wanted to throw out some tracks to show promoters for shows. I didn’t expect it to get the critical reception it did.

2. What inspired the lyrics on No Strings Attached?

CR: The lyrics on the EP ‘NSA’ are pretty mixed as far as topics go. I don’t like talking too much about what a song is about because I believe that should be up to the listener. Each person will relate to a song in their own way and who am I to take that meaning away by saying this or that is really what the song is about. That said, the lyrics of each song are directly from my experiences growing up in this strange and amazing world. It’s the people I have met, loved and lost.

3. Was there an artist or album in particular that inspired the debut?

CR: Not the EP itself. The style in which I write is inspired by many other great bands, I try to just do my own thing and not to sound like this band or that band. Though we are largely considered to be punk rock, we don’t purposely strive for that. It’s just what comes out. To me, Punk isn’t a music. It’s a way of life and a way of free thought and expression. Bands that inspired me through my life however are: My Moms band “Network” (she has sadly passed away recently due to breast cancer), The Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Craig’s Brother, Nirvana, The Beatles and many more! I love music of all kinds!

4. My favourite track on there is Little Danny, what’s yours?

CR: What a tough question! Each song is a part of my life and the moments that have happened that make me who I am. Little Danny is a special song to me, they all are really. I’ll take the easy road and say, Strange But True. Even though the song is inspired by someone in my life, it is also a fun kind of whimsical song that doesn’t have a deeper emotional personal meaning. So I can just listen to it and jam out without having deep memories come flooding in. It’s my “let loose” song!

5. You also recently brought out a new single after the EP titled ‘The Beast’. Is this a lead single for a new LP?

CR: Short answer is Yes! We are in the early stages of planning for a full album. It will probably have some of the songs on the EP. I think people will appreciate it more if we do the album as mostly new songs instead of just recycling the EP. Our fans are so important and we feel it’s our job to work hard for them and give them our best.

MA: The intentions of the band is to have a full LP out this fall. We’ve talked about throwing some songs from “No Strings Attached” on there, but nothing is final just yet.

6. Following on from that, what is next for HTP?

CR: You mean besides joining a League of Superheros to fight the uprising of Ant People coming from the depths of the hollow Earth? Really though, a full album, we are filming and editing a new music video now for our single “The Beast” and will continue to work on new videos. We’re working on our merch and adding an artist to the band to help with that and with song and album art. We are always looking into new ways to step outside the box so we can bring the best content and experience we can to our fans.

Andy: Besides shooting more videos and giving a behind the scenes personal look into the band, we are ready to hit the stage and get out live again!

7. Once permitted, where would you most like to play live music?

CR: I really want to get into the outdoor 3 day music festivals like Punk in Drublic Fest and Riot fest etc. But more then that, any show that will get us out there to play for our fans and earn new fans is a show I want to play! And that word “earn” is SO important to me.

AS: Northern Indiana has a great music scene but really wanting to hit Chicago.

8. Who has the worst dress sense?

CR: LOL! Malachi, our bassist! We were filming for Anti-punk and I asked the guys to dress cool. Guess I should have been a little more specific because Malachi shows up in this bright pink long sleeve shirt! He’s definitely got his own thing going! Nothing wrong with that though! Totally Punk Rock…

MA: I think I do. I don’t care about matching or anything, I’ll throw on whatever I feel like. But at the same time, I have a Wu-Tang Clan and a Britney Spears shirt, so is it really that bad?

9. Funniest show story?

CR: In one of my old bands we were playing this outdoors gig and I was drumming for a few songs. Things are going fine until, the beater for my bass drum pedal comes loose and fly off the pedal and off the stage. One of they guys that helped us set up came running up with a drum stick and tried playing the bass drum part with the stick. I keep trying to yell to him to go get the beater but is loud and he can’t here me so he keeps looking up at me giving me the thumbs up as I keep saying “Go get the beater”! It was funny and embarrassing! Guess you had to be there!

MA: I had to play a show with my old band at a theatre in my home town. They told us that they couldn’t pay us for it, but they could accommodate us in other ways. So they made us a buffet back stage with tons of food. I means TONS. Me being the chubby guy I am, ate a lot. Almost too much, cause when I got up on stage to sing, I ended up puking on my guitarist. It was a good time though.

AS: About to go on but thinking nobody showed up and considering if we should even set up but the door was accidentally locked and people were upstairs waiting to get in ended up being a great show and we had a blast!

10. Leave a message for people reading!

CR: Find what you love, make goals and fight through the challenges be they physical, mental, economical etc and you will achieve success! My personal moto is: Fighting Disability through Music! Also, I just want to thank everyone for the amazing support! And we will continue to work hard to produce new and meaningful music and videos for our current and future fans! We are so thankful for you all!

MA: I speak for Hire The Puppets when I say the we love you guys, we appreciate the support, and our fans mean the world to us. This is only the beginning!

AS: Thanks so much for checking us out, we pour our heart soul and energy everyday into this! Much love!

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