Interview – Jay Parade

Jay Parade are a 3 piece from West Virginia, USA! Their members consist of:

  • Dave Gunnoe – Vocals / Guitar
  • Josh Connelly – Vocals / Bass
  • Jonathan Shank – Drums

*All questions answered by Josh Connelly.

Your debut album ‘Sixty-One’ will be out next month, what inspired the lyrics to the album?

So the title of the album comes from the idea that we have 61% of our lives left based on average life span. We’re in our early 30s so we’re supposed to be adults now and a lot of the lyrics deal with the growing up. There are songs about relationships ending, death, and infidelity. We also try to keep it light with songs making fun of ourselves and satire.

Why have you chosen ‘Timeout’ as the lead single?

We let several friends and family listen to some of the mixes and that was one people kept mentioning when we were coming up with what to release as singles.

What is your favourite track off the new album?

Every song is great. Each one better than the last. We’re probably going to win Grammy’s in every category.

Was there any particular artist or album to inspire Sixty-One?

Some songs have clear influences. FPLGP is a combo of Minor Threat and Green Day. Mental Trillness has a Ramones-core influence. Destroyer reminded me of Alkaline Trio when I first heard the demo. Just a mixture of all the stuff we listened to growing up.

What comes next for Jay Parade after the release?

We had a tour scheduled to support the album, but then COVID19 happened. We have a hold on a local venue for a release show on the Fourth of July, but we still aren’t sure if we will be able to have it. Just focusing on promoting as much as we can online. Going to get back to writing in the mean time and play any shows we can once it’s safe to do so.

What was Jay Parades first gig like?

Overall, our first show went fairly well. We played at a local bar in our hometown in Charleston, WV with Rosedale and Time & Distance. It was put together at the last minute. I remember being nervous but once we started playing, it just flew by. We’ve got a video of the whole set. Songs have grown and changed some since then but pretty decent.

What has been your favourite show you’ve played so far?

Our third show ever was at a skate park. They were having a competition so it was fun to watch everyone skate while playing. We also played a brewery which was cool because they gave us shirts, koozies, and several samples of their product for free.

Can you tell us your funniest show story?

We played a show at a tiny dive bar in Athens, OH. We closed the show and everyone left in the venue was hammered and there was no security. Some drunk guy kept flopping around and bumping and shoving everyone. Seemed like fights were gonna break out multiple times. We just powered through the set laughing at this guy making an ass of himself.

The most important pop-punk question. Favourite pizza toppings?

Can’t go wrong with classic pepperoni. Hawaiian pizza is also great. I don’t care what anyone says.

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