Fan Interview – Megan P

Hey! It’s Fan Friday here at Punk, Rocks! Today we spoke to Megan P who is from New England, USA!

1. What band introduced you to this scene?

Oh god….probably early Green Day, but I lived on Pure Volume and in the music section of the local bookstore as a kid and devoured everything I could find on punk music.

2. Who are your 3 favourite bands?

I’ve never been able to narrow it to 3. Less Than Jake, Alkaline Trio is a safe 2 and 1.

3. Favourite song by each?

  • Alkaline Trio – Warbrain and Cooking Wine.
  • Less Than Jake – Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore.

4. How did you discover your favourite band?

I heard Alkaline Trio’s ‘Crawl’ on the rock radio station I listened to back home when I was about 12. Looked it up online by lyrics, found it on youtube, and went down a wormhole I haven’t gotten out of yet.

5. Favourite album ever?

  • Alkaline Trio – From Here to Infirmary
  • Our Lady Peace – Clumsy (An honourable mention)

6. What is it that makes you love this scene?

I’ve met some of my best friends and had the best memories at shows, and it’s most of the reason I’ve gotten to travel. I think being able to genuinely relate to a band’s music on such a fundamental level that it starts making up parts of your personality, and then meeting people that feel the same way, really gives you a bonding experience that isn’t like any other.

7. If it isn’t too personal, what song means the most to you and why?

I have lyrics to AT’s ‘Warbrain’ tattooed on my shoulder blade, so that one is definitely up there. [And by association, Hot Water Music’s Trusty Chords.] “Those trusty chords could pull me through” has pretty much encompassed what music does for me, and has done for me, since I was a kid. There’s a song for every emotion and every event, and I don’t know that I’d have gotten through some of them without it.

8. What concerts would you have been to if it wasn’t for Covid-19?

ALKALINE TRIO AND BAD RELIGION.. UGH! [Also seeing LTJ with LAGWAGON ON MAY 16TH?! WHY, CORONA? WHY?!] Also Against Me! And Dave Hause. I’m just waiting for Neck Deep in December to be cancelled.

9. Most recommended band?

The Bad Reminders!

10. Favourite thing about our page?

We get to see so many great new bands!

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